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Jennie the jeweller exhibits in Milan, Italy during fashion week

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Jennie Sherwin – a contemporary jeweller and graduate from The Learning Connexion – was invited to submit pieces into the Artistar Jewels 2017 exhibition. She had two pieces selected which were displayed in the Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan during Milan Fashion Week from 23-26 February 2017.


book cover


Founded in 2012 by designer Enzo Carbone, Artistar Jewels is an international springboard for well-known artists and emerging creative talents in the contemporary jewellery scene. It is the only contest in Italy and one of few in the world. Participants are selected for high artistic value, technical experimentation and research.

168 international designers from over 30 different countries took part, showcasing 350 creations. Jennie Sherwin was one of two New Zealanders selected to display work alongside contemporary jewellers from Greece, Iceland, Norway, Croatia, Russia and others.

Participants' work is published in Artistar Jewels 2017, a hefty hardcover book, which is distributed to industry and international buyers worldwide. The book*, will be sold in bookstores in Italy and in all the major European capitals. Their work is also listed for sale on Artisan Jewels' webshop for a year.

Jennie Sherwin creates beautiful, original jewellery in sterling silver, gold, bronze and glass. Her two works accepted for Artistar Jewels 2017 were:

Baby Acorns JennieSherwin 

Gilded Baby Acorn earrings. Silver plated 9K.
Baby acorns are the seeds of new life, eventually growing into the mighty oak. New Zealand has always had very strong ties with the United Kingdom and the oak trees growing in our country create very strong bonds. The gold plate compliments the sterling silver and reflects the colour and shimmer of evolution. Photograph by Federico Barbieri.

Gum Leaf and Nut Cluster JennieSherwin

Gum Nut and Leaf necklace with an orange CZ. Silver, Citrine.
Living at the bottom of the world in New Zealand you can find a wonderful collection of unique and foreign flora and fauna. One of these introduced species being the gum tree which has the amazing ability and need to regenerate after a forest fire. The orange CZ represents the spark of fire and life. Photograph by Federico Barbieri.


Artistar Jewels 2017 judges were Elisabetta Barracchia – Editor of Vogue Accessory and Creative Director of the Fashion Department of Vanity Fair, Gianni De Liguoro – Co-owner and Founder of the famous Bijou brand De Liguoro, Bianca Capello – Jewel critic and historian, Guido Solari – Scuola oral Ambrosiana Founder and Owner, and Liza Urla – one of the top jewellery bloggers and founder of Gemologue. Pieces were photographed by Federico Barbieri.


Jennie Sherwin in Milan Italy
Jennie Sherwin travelled with her family to Milan, Italy to attend opening night.


“The highlight of my professional career to-date was travelling to Milan to attend the exhibition opening, meeting fellow exhibiting jewellers and being part of the exhibition award ceremony.” 


Jennie completed four years of study at The Learning Connexion; two years, part-time to do the Diploma and then Honours.She graduated with a Diploma of Honours, majoring in Contemporary Jewellery and now exhibits and sells her jewellery in numerous galleries throughout New Zealand and overseas.  


"My work is strongly influenced by the natural world, something that has been a love of mine since childhood. My creative process involves closely observing nature in all its intricacies, before casting the final piece in my chosen material."

She says, “Coming to TLC was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It was time well invested. I gained both technical skills from my tutors, and made wonderful bonds within the art community...I loved every minute here. I used to stay for 12 hour stretches after the night jewellery class! For me it was where my heart was...and my soul.”

Jennie now exhibits and sells her jewellery in numerous galleries throughout New Zealand and overseas. She has work in Zeo in Taupo, ? in Queenstown, Soul Gallery in Hamilton, and in the Dowse in Lower Hutt. Jennie is also a member of the Silversmith Guild in Christchurch.

Her advice to new-to-jewellery art students is to do every course and workshop and take every opportunity you can. Be a part of the onsite student exhibitions, buy second hand tools and little by little grow your tool collection. She started out by getting a small piece of equipment every month, a file, a saw…. And by the end of her course, without having to outlay a lot of money at the beginning, she ended up with a nice starting point for her own workshop.


View more of Jennie’s work on: http://www.jensherwin.co.nz/

View Jenny’s work in Artistar’s online shop:www.artistarjewels.com


* Jennie has kindly donated a copy of Artistar Jewels, the book her work appears in, to The Learning Connexion library.





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