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Graduate Profile: Jamie Mackman

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Jamie Mackman - Advanced Diploma

Jamie Mackman has always been creative. So it isn’t surprising that after finishing high school, Jamie jumped at the chance to feed her creative needs by studying at The Learning Connexion.

In 2009, a ‘Painting From Life’ class ignited a fire in Jamie to paint the human figure. Jamie began to use oil paint as her medium, finding it a powerful way to produce flesh and skin tones.

Jamie challenges perspective and perceptions with her art; cleverly combining animal parts in her life paintings. A viewer will often find a fox head painted onto a human figure, with all sorts of wild and wonderful creative details.

wolves xpress

The Learning Connexion’s on-site environment guaranteed that Jamie and other students had the chance to discover their passions and their personal goals. The dynamic variety of people teaching and studying was part of Jamie’s fantastic experience.

Jamie’s ultimate dream is that she can make a living from her art. She knows that it’s ambitious, but it’s something she’s extremely excited about and ready to work hard at to achieve.

“What I’ve learnt is that there is so much I can do. At TLC things I thought I’d never be able to do I’ve achieved. It’s been an eye opening experience.”


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