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How to Get the Right People to Buy Your Creation

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Creativity Challenge 2015 - How to Get the Right People to Buy Your Creation by Wynne Pirini

This year in April the TLC Educational Trust hosted a Creativity Challenge. The theme of the conference was 'Crossing Boundaries'. It attracted a wealth of national and international speakers - the movers and shakers of creativity. Each speaker generously shared their own unique insights and perspectives. We recorded these talks so that we could share them with our students, friends, stakeholders and anyone else interested in the subject of creativity. 

About Wynne Pirini:

Starting out as a Chemical Engineer and Project Manager, bored of his job he travelled the world and founded
his first business in 2007. He’s since created marketing courses, software applications, and become a best
selling author. Besides consulting he also works in startup businesses.

How to Get the Right People to Buy Your Creation from The Learning Connexion on Vimeo.

About The Talk:

Here’s a typical scenario... you create a ‘widget’ you’re certain the world is going to LOVE. But when you go to sell it, you find people are not interested!

If you focus on just a few key marketing actions you can achieve step-change results.

During this brief presentation you’ll learn those key actions as I reveal them through my own story. 

If you want to learn how to sell your skills, your ideas, your creations or your business more effectively, then come join me for this important presentation.

About the Creativity Challenge Talks:
We will upload one Creativity Challenge video each week.

Watch them on our Vimeo channel here.

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  • Sonia
    04/02/2016 2:46am (8 years ago)

    I enjoyed this presentation, his honesty and sharing of information :)

  • Anna Meijn
    27/01/2016 1:35am (8 years ago)

    I missed Wynne Pirini's talk on the Creativity Challenge day as I could not attend all lectures at the same time (unfortunately) and am very pleased that you are now sharing it in this way.
    Very good, moving and way too short. Wynne mentions books to read, but If you were not in the audience there is no way of getting that from this short video. He also mentions a website which I was looking forward to checking out, but that was only up for 2 days after the Creativity Challenge and thus no longer available. Is there a way to make this information available?