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Get Better Work Stories

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Creativity Challenge 2015 - Get Better Work Stories – The Stories of Alpha Art Studio

This year in April the TLC Educational Trust hosted a Creativity Challenge. The theme of the conference was 'Crossing Boundaries'. It attracted a wealth of national and international speakers - the movers and shakers of creativity. Each speaker generously shared their own unique insights and perspectives. We recorded these talks so that we could share them with our students, friends, stakeholders and anyone else interested in the subject of creativity.

About Eryn Gribble:
Eryn Gribble has passionately worked in community arts for over 6 years, alongside and in organisations such as Vincent’s Art Workshop, Newtown Community Centre, Capital E! and Nautilus Creative Space. She is currently team leader at Alpha Art Studio, an art studio for adults with intellectual disability.

Creativity Challenge 2015 - Eryn Gribble from The Learning Connexion on Vimeo.

About The Talk:
Boundaries are something for those living with disability that are constants. Sometimes it takes a little creativity to find ways to overcome them. Sometimes it takes a bit of a fight. I have been fortunate to learn more than I could ever teach from the people I have been humbled to work with. In this presentation I aim to share their stories alongside mine through my journey of community arts facilitation.

About the Creativity Challenge Talks:
We will upload one Creativity Challenge video each week.

Watch them on our Vimeo channel here.

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  • Cathy de Seton
    18/11/2015 5:46pm (7 years ago)

    The sound quality at the beginning was a bit disjointed - then it became normal and it was great to hear about these incentives available for everyone in all walks of life. Loved the story about the "competition" where two of the artists got to be finalists, based solely on their art, not on their disability - proving to mainstream gallery that maybe they should get their act together and stop using labels!