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First Day Excitement - Words from our Students

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The first day of term can be an exciting time, especially for our new students. We messaged our on-site and distance students asking them, "How was your day?" and we got some great responses.

Here are some of the responses:

It was a great start to - thoroughly enjoyed the contact with Catherine (Mentor) and feel really inspired to get on with my year :)
- Christine-

I celebrated my first official day by going to the first day of a clay/pottery class at the local arts centre. I came home with several small pieces, so I can watch the drying process over the next week, and a head full of ideas. To the point that sleep was elusive and I had to get up and sketch some ideas for our first project. Tonight - making a start on the collage.
- Belinda -

Fantastic. Went fast. Finally... Freedom to be me and create.
-Sheree -

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Fantastic first day

Highlight bullet points: Friendly, Informative, Casual, Quirky, Hands on, Well paced, Creative, Supportive, Difficult but empowering, Positive, New, Eclectic, Philosophical, Hot, Beautiful gardens, Diverse, Mistakes, Learning, Feedback, Constructive , Inspiring, Organized, Professional, Attention to detail, Crayon dye, Charcoal, Observational , Introversion, Extroversion, Bi-version, Diversion, Transversion, Aversion

Can NOT wait until tomorrow!!!
- Zack -

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I feel inspired and enjoying the distance delivery learning, but also looking forward to attend the class next week.
- Nini -

I am doing distance learning and have accomplished a lot today. Being in Dunedin I can't attend the TLC directly but it's amazing how my creative mind is coming out with things it wasn't before
- Shaylee -

In French Farm in the Akaroa Harbour and I have had a big day reading and watching DVDs in anticipation of tomorrow when I hope to be in to some practical stuff. First day has opened my eyes and the creative juices have had an injection. Very exciting!
- Penny -

DVD's great and already inspired with new ideas - not normally a collage person so stretching the boundaries already
- Dorothy -

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I'm in Auckland, a returning student - I have been pottering about some of the summer, planning out my art works needed to complete in a few months time. Because I am using a textile related object like "paint blobs" I have a lot to make - have now put it into 1st gear as I want to make at least one object-product by the end of the next week - it's doable as I have most of the "paints" ready to go....will begin construction either end of this week or first thing Monday morning....
- Cathy -

I started yesterday by getting out the watercolours. I find they give me an opportunity to really play by mixing the pigment on the paper. I have a few ideas at the moment, but I am challenged by the heat. I feel positive about the start and am hoping to pack up some stuff to get some feedback in to my tutor.
- Lala -



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