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How to turn your Institution into a Work of Art?

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This year in April the TLC Educational Trust hosted a Creativity Challenge. The theme of the conference was 'Crossing Boundaries'. It attracted a wealth of national and international speakers - the movers and shakers of creativity. Each speaker generously shared their own unique insights and perspectives. 

We recorded these talks so that we could share them with our students, friends, stakeholders and anyone else interested in the subject of creativity.

About Mike Grady:

Mike Grady is an artist, writer and educator who has traveled extensively in China and has studied Asian art practices such as calligraphy and landscape painting. He has taught and exhibited internationally and is Professor of Studio Art,at Appalachian State University in North Carolina.

About Mike's Talk:

Turning your College (Institution) into a Work of Art - Examination of the parallels between organizational development and the stages of creative expression in art. We will look at several colleges throughout modern history and see how they have, in various ways, seen themselves as works of art – dedicated to creativity and transformation. Images, lecture and discussion.

"Creativity is the point where we learn and discover so, why don't art schools or Colleges or Universities see them selves not as place where people can be prepared to make art instead of art itself?" 

About the Creativity Challenge Talks:

We will upload one Creativity Challenge video each week. 

Watch them on our Vimeo channel here.

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