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Artist Talk: Rox Flame

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Rox Flame is a Wellington based TLC graduate who jumped head first into his career as a web/games developer with his close friend Alex Matthews. Their company Xequals is built on ambition, a friendship and many sleepless nights. With Alex's savvy business nature and Rox's technical ability the opportunities streamed in.

Rox has a busy lifestyle and building up his burgeoning business takes up all of his spare time. He consciously maintains his art practice by carrying a sketchbook around, including to meetings. He set up a website so that he could post work and motivate himself to create.

In this podcast, Rox shares his inspiring and enterprising story with our students.

Xequals is a thriving Wellington digital business with a good client base, a flexible team of 7 to 15 contractors and some interns. He is proud of what they have achieved.



  • Ro Lusk
    23/06/2015 10:06am (9 years ago)

    Hi Rox, I remember you at my classes at TLC. I always thought you were talented and would do well. Congratulations on running your business. All your hard work has been worthwhile.I really enjoyed TLC. What a great place to start out from. All the best,
    Ro Lusk.