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Artist profile: Lorraine Tyler

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IMG 20210309 192111 045 WEBLorraine Tyler is a Lower Hutt-based artist, who returned to New Zealand after spending her teenage years in Michigan, USA. We spoke to her as she prepares for our alumni exhibition Ki tua atu - further and beyond

Hi Lorraine. Let’s get to know you – describe yourself as an artist.

For me, art is a natural compulsion. I use the manipulation of media to create an external representation of what I’m exploring in my mind. I try to pay attention to my surroundings, both physical and digital: I pay attention to my emotional reactions to those surroundings and my interpretation of these emotions.

Why did you decide to enrol at The Learning Connexion and was it a good decision? 

I got several recommendations to look at studies at The Learning Connexion (TLC) – one from UCOL – they saw potential for me to evolve my art there. The others came from friends, who had studied at TLC. No regrets.

smillWhat are some of the things you enjoyed most about studying at TLC?

I enjoyed learning the skill of how to create, how to understand the way I make things. I've found the skills and approach to creativity I learned at TLC very transferable to other areas of life. I've gotten much more observant about what material does and more curious about people. Overall, I've become increasingly curious about processes – mine and others.

"I also enjoy the long-lasting connections, the network with fellow artists I could establish at TLC – the community feel. That’s a permanent highlight and even leads to work."

How is your creativity exercised at your place of work?

I work part-time in retail – part-time in my studio in my garage, which was helpful during lock-down. Increased curiosity not only influences my art practice, but – working in retail – I'm also interested in questions around sustainability/ non-toxic-ness of materials.

Lorraine Tyler Review Reject Recycle Horizgon II webDo you have a project you are currently working on?

I’m currently combining a stack of sketches I made during the initial phase of co-dependency recovery with American symbols, comparing the habit of romantic relationships with romantic patriotism.

What advice would you give people starting out at The Learning Connexion and wanting to pursue a creative pathway?

Build on the TLC Community / Network, and do the studies for your personal growth.

What are your creative ambitions? Where would you like to be in five years?

Getting my works to a high level of completion. I'd also like to establish myself as an artist – more exposure, more exhibitions.

Lorraine Tyler will be speaking about her creative journey as part of our alumni exhibition Ki tua atu

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