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Reinvent Your Future Scholarship

The Learning Connexion is pleased to announce we have opened up a new, one-off scholarship to assist people who are wanting to study our programmes from home, but require financial assistance to do so. The Reinvent Your Future Scholarship is open for all new prospective students wishing to study via Distance Delivery at The Learning Connexion. It is intended for people who have not previously studied at The Learning Connexion, and have been impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown, and are hoping to "reinvent" their career or creative path in some way.

All submissions are reviewed by The Learning Connexion and funding is awarded at the School's discretion. Applications are open throughout the lockdown period, and until further notice. There are a limited number of scholarships available.

You can read more about this exciting new scholarship opportunity here


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Fees-free study

As a private training establishment, we are also pleased to offer first-time tertiary learners the opportunity to study fees-free.

Broadly, if you’re a New Zealander who finished school in 2019, or if you will finish school during 2020, you qualify for a year of fees-free provider-based tertiary education or two years of industry training in 2020.

If you’re not a recent school leaver, and you’ve done less than half a year of tertiary education or training (whether in New Zealand or in any other country), you may also qualify.


If you are not eligible for fees-free, and can’t afford the fees, let us know. We have a range of scholarships and grants available and may be able to help you.

Other Financial Assistance Available

COVID-19 Update 

We know some students are facing significant difficulties in continuing their studies, because of changes in their own situation arising from lockdown and/or changes in their providers’ ability to offer courses. Staying enrolled is the best way we can help you.

We will keep updating you with answers to your main questions, provide information on what support is available and tips for your wellbeing during these times. If your question is not answered here, we will try to provide an answer as soon as possible.

Your physical and mental wellbeing is likely to be impacted during this time. As well as resources on the COVID19 website, there is lots of useful information online at the Mental Health Foundation and Health Promotion Agency.

What is available to support me financially right now?

• While other options might look better, stay enrolled because:
1. You will keep receiving your StudyLink payments
2. You will be eligible for any additional student support being worked on

• The Ministry of Social Development may be able to help you with other costs while you’re self-isolating. This includes costs that are urgent, unexpected or harder to cover, such as food and accommodation. You can find out more at StudyLink- Urgent and unexpected costs

• More information on students loans and/or allowances or tertiary education matters more generally can be found at StudyLink and Ministry of Education COVID-19 site

• Your tertiary provider may also be offering extra help for students during this time, so it’s worth looking on their website / Facebook page, or even contacting them directly to ask.

If I withdraw from my courses, will this have an impact on my Fees-Free entitlement?

• Yes, this could have an impact on your Fees Free entitlement.

• We are working urgently to figure out how we will be able to help Fees-Free students who are disadvantaged because they had to withdraw.

Stay enrolled in your courses if you can, and continue to engage with your provider about options available to you to continue your studies this year.

What if I can’t afford to pay my rent because I’ve lost my part-time job?

• If you have been working part-time to help cover your tertiary education costs, you may be eligible for the wage subsidy scheme Government has put in place. You can find further information at COVID-19 Financial support and COVID-19 Wage subsidy

• There is now a freeze on rental increases. This means your landlord cannot increase your rent unless the increase occurred before lockdown. To find out more, visit rent freeze and tenancy terminations

• You can ask your landlord to reduce your rent temporarily. The Residential Tenancies Act allows a tenant/s and landlord to agree that the tenant/s can pay a reduced rent temporarily. This reduced rent can be for a specific amount of time or until a specific event occurs. Once that time is up, the rent goes back up to its previous amount.

Things change quickly so stay up to date by following the links below:

For answers to questions about Student Allowance and Living Cost payments, refer to StudyLink’s website.

For health advice, refer to the Ministry of Health’s website

For official Government information about COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), including health advice and travel restrictions visit the All-of-Government website 

For more advice for students, visit the Ministry of Education website