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Application to the Advanced Diploma (Level 7) is open to students who have either completed the Honours (Level 6) programme, or equivalent (or levels above) study/work elsewhere.

Entry into the Advanced Diploma (Level 7) programme is by interview and portfolio.

Application forms are available from our Admissions Department or can be downloaded here.

The interview can be conducted in person, or by phone or Skype, and will be with two staff members (including an Advanced Diploma facilitator or mentor).

Internal applicants: Your portfolio can include your major works and creative process works from your Diploma in Art and Creativity (Honours, Level 6) or New Zealand Diploma of Creativity (Level 6) programme.

External applicants: You will need to apply for RPL. Your portfolio needs to demonstrate that you have attained a level in your creative practice equivalent to that of a completing internal Level 6 student. 

In addition to the portfolio requirements outlined for previous levels a statement of creative intention is required, detailing your reasons for seeking RPL, and evidence of your professional practice, i.e. exhibition history, relevant work experience, creative interaction within your community.

We would look to see evidence of

  • An established, sustainable creative practice
  • The emergence of a personal style through a body of related works
  • Evidence of innovative approaches to your work, creative thinking and technical development
  • Engagement with the wider community (exhibitions, related work on community projects)
  • Ability to evaluate your results and adapt your responses accordingly
  • Any relevant previous qualifications/employment

In order to be approved to study at Level 7, you will need to show through your portfolio that you have completed the requirements for Level 6 (or have equivalent or higher level experience).You can find this information here.