What is different about The Learning Connexion programmes?
 Our programmes are student-centric and flexible, allowing students to develop creative skills in a way that has real meaning to them. We provide a safe and positive environment in which your creativity can prosper. If you work hard and commit yourselves fully to the programmes, you will succeed.

Here are some answers to your questions:

How long can I take to complete my studies?
• Certificate of Art and Creativity: 6 months (full-time), 1 year (part-time)
• Diploma of Art and Creativity: 1 year (full-time), 2 years (part-time)
• Diploma of Art and Creativity (Honours): 1 year (full-time), 2 years (part-time)
• Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced): 1 year (full-time), 2 years (part-time)

How much time will I need to devote to my study?
We recommend putting aside 15 hours per week to study for part-time students, and 30 hours per week for full-time students.

Do I have to be academically minded?

Our qualifications are all ‘hands-on’ programmes. There are no written exams. Research and critical analysis are part of the Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced) programme. The programmes can be explored in a variety of ways to suit your learning style.

When can I start my programme?

On-site students start at the beginning of each term, view our term dates here.
Distance Delivery students may start their Certificate, Diploma, Honours or Advanced programmes on most Mondays during term time, throughout the year.

Can I do any of TLC’s programmes without previous art experience?

Yes. Our Certificate Programme is aimed at helping students achieve a viable level of artistic skill; it is also an opportunity to try out a range of artistic disciplines. Tip: the more you use your skills, the better they will become!

Can I try out TLC’s programmes before committing to them?

Yes. You can try our programme out by booking into one of our Creativity Workshops or registering as a casual student for one of our on-site classes. For more study options see here.

What sort of career can I expect after completing my programme?

The creativity skills you develop at The Learning Connexion can be transferred to many fields. We encourage students to do what they love for a living, continue to develop their natural talent, and look for a market niche that suits them. If your ideal job doesn’t exist, create it!

Potential career fields include: advertising, art project management and administration, being a professional artist, costume designer, craftsperson, film or television producer, florist, graphic designer, hairdresser, illustrator, scenic painter, interior and landscape designer, jeweller, mason, photographer, screen printer, sign-writer, tattoo artist, working in theatre production and design.

Check out what our graduates are up to now.

Do you recognise previous training or experience in art?

Yes. If you have previous experience or qualifications you can apply to skip our Certificate level and apply for direct entry to Diploma, Honours or Advanced levels. You will need to submit a portfolio for assessment. Entry to any programme level will be at the discretion of the Academic Board. Find more information here.

What needs to be included in a portfolio?

A portfolio needs to include artwork that shows competence in at least three types of visual media, e.g. drawing, painting and 3D, as well as the processes you went through to create the work, e.g. designs and sketches. Please include evidence of any relevant qualifications you have already achieved and a brief written outline of your creative experience.

In addition to submitting a portfolio, applicants for the Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced level) are also required to participate in an interview, the results of which become part of the application process.

Find out more about recognised prior learning and portfolio submissions.

Can I put my programme on hold and take a term off? 

You cannot put your programme on hold once you are enrolled. In some cases we may be able to grant an extension, but only where there are extenuating circumstances. You can take a break between programme levels, i.e. between Certificate and Diploma and between years if you are a part-time student (year one and year two).

Do I need to purchase anything?
Yes. This is dependent upon the classes you take and your personal artistic goals. Every student enrolled with The Learning Connexion is able to purchase art supplies from our Materials Shop. Our shop provides students with art supplies at a very competitive rate. Certificate students receive a starter kit containing art materials; students enrolling at higher levels receive a materials credit to spend at the shop. 
For Distance Delivery students, please contact either your mentor (if you are already enrolled and know who this is) or Distance Delivery Programme Support - [email protected]. For on-site students please contact on-site Programme Support on [email protected] or calling 0800 ART POWER (0800 278 769).

When will I receive my programme materials?
All distance delivery students should receive their materials the week before their start date.

Can I study part-time and work to support myself?
Yes, you can study any of our four qualifications part-time or full-time. This gives you the opportunity to develop artistic and creative skills while meeting existing personal commitments (e.g. work and family). 

Can I get a Student Loan and/or Student Allowance?

Yes, provided you meet the StudyLink criteria. Contact them on 0800 88 99 00 or find more information on: www.studylink.govt.nz

How can I be part of The Learning Connexion community?
TLC encourages all students to make direct contact with other students. You can contact other students through our Peer Contact List, which is available on request.

Make sure you keep up-to-date with what’s going on at TLC through our social media sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, or in person at our regularly held student exhibitions.

Who do I contact if I need help with my study?
For any study related issues:

Distance Students please contact your mentor before emailing Programme Support on [email protected] or calling 0800 ART POWER (0800 278 769).

On-site Students please contact on-site Programme Support on [email protected] or by calling 0800 ART POWER (0800 278 769).

Can you tell me more about studying from home?

No matter where you live in the world you can study TLC’s art & creativity programmes through distance delivery (Study from home). Find out more here.

How do I enrol?
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