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This year the students have decided to form committee of representatives.

Email your suggestions to: studentlinkrep@tlc.ac.nz.

Be heard
If you have a suggestion or comment you want to make:

  • Have a chat to the student representatives around campus
  • Leave a note in the Comments Book to the left of the Reception window. Please sign and date your contribution.
  • If you are not on campus you can send them an email

If you would like to suggest a larger project then you can write a proposal to the appropriate governance group. Your student representative, mentor, or on-site Programme Support can help you with the process.

The student representatives bring comments to The Learning Connexion's governance groups for discussion. Responses can be found in the Minutes Books (usually by the end of the week). These are kept to the left of the Reception window. Your student representative will email you if you are off-site.