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Artwork created by students is protected by the New Zealand Copyright Act. This gives you the exclusive right to copy, reproduce and exhibit artwork that you have authored. It also means that you need permission from someone else if you are going to make use of their artwork.

It's a good idea, as a developing artist, to develop an understanding of how your work is protected by copyright as well as understand how you can use work created by other people.
Information on the Copyright Act

You can view the full New Zealand Copyright Act here.

The Learning Connexion's use of student work

The Learning Connexion requests that you sign a publicity agreement on enrolment which allows us to photograph your artwork and publish it in student resources and publicity material such as our prospectus and website. You still retain ownership and rights to your artwork.

We also periodically film and photograph students for resources and publicity and ask for permission to do this at the time. If you do not wish to be filmed then please let us know.
Sourcing images to use in your artwork

There are a number of places that you can source artwork from to use in your own work without having copyright issues. One is public domain (where the author's copyright has lapsed), and no rights reserved (where the author explicitly makes the work available). Below are some suggested places to look, but there are many more appearing all the time.

Creative Commons

The current Copyright Act means that all rights are automatically reserved for an author of a work. Creative Commons is a web-based way of changing this to 'some rights reserved'. Authors can attach different Creative Commons licences to their work allowing others to use them within certain specifications. Their website offers a search function to find images and other items that have creative commons tags on the net. You might also want to think about whether you want to use commons licences to share your own work.


You can do a filtered search on Flickr to find images with creative commons licensing.
Flickr – The Commons
This site is contributed to by major libraries and museums around the world and has some incredible images available for free use. Check it out here.
Other sites
There are a surprising number of sites increasingly offering interesting images that are available for use. These include:


Download this information in our copyright PDF.