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The Learning Connexion does not provide a computer helpdesk service to students. This page has a number of suggestions for getting help if you are having frustrations with computer use.
For the Basics
Look it up online. If you're having a problem then chances are someone else has already had the same problem, solved it and written about it on the internet. Use Google to search for the specific problem you want to solve (tip: you can ask a question like "How do I burn a dvd?").

Contact the shop you bought your computer from
The supplier that you originally purchased your computer from will be able to give you basic advice on how to use it, or help if things are going wrong.
Find a free class in your area

If you don't feel confident with day-to-day computing it's definitely a good idea to seek out some basic computing classes. There are a huge number of free (or very cheap) computer classes run by libraries, schools and universities all over New Zealand, so try and find one in your area.

For Specialist Software
Take a class at The Learning Connexion. We run classes that cover a lot of the basics for using specialist design, video and photography software. These run over the term during Mains Classes but we also have Block Week and Weekend classes available.

Online tutorials

There are many fantastic online tutorials that you can do to learn particular techniques in various kinds of software. Many pieces of software have online communities which contain tutorials and discussion boards which will help you solve problems.

These are some Tutorials we found helpful:

How to stay safe online

Connect Smart is a government website that provides information about how to keep yourself safe online.
For information visit www.connectsmart.govt.nz