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Level 6 Diploma in Creativity pie chart and cps

Programme Requirements 

Initiate. Creativity Project 1:

Initiate, visualise and develop multiple projects based on your existing practice

This project should take about 7 weeks (Full Time - FT) 14 weeks (Part time - PT)

Analyse patterns, Creativity Project 2:

Review the work you are now making and consider how it contributes to your creative goals

This project should take about 4 weeks (FT) 8 weeks (PT)

Present. Creativity Project 3:

Create and present a well developed body of work/creativity project/s

This project should take about 17 weeks (FT) 34 weeks (PT)

Apply. Creativity Project 4

Engage with your audience/followers through your work and expand your network

This project should take 3-4 weeks (FT) 6-8 weeks (PT)

Recognise. Creativity Project 5:

Review how your work recognises and uses the creative practices of different communities, cultures and disciplines

This project should take 2-3 weeks (FT) 4-6 weeks (PT)


Creativity; Thinking for a Change (CTFAC)

If you have received recognition of prior learning (RPL) and have joined TLC at Diploma level 5 you must also complete the Creativity; Thinking for a Change (CTFAC) class. You can do this either by attending on-site classes or by looking under 'Getting Started' on ORA - our Online Resource Area on this website.