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You can only access the Workroom and ORA on or after your programme start date, since these are only available current students.

To log in to ORA you first need to log in to the Workroom, and use the same log in details.

On a computer you log in to ORA by clicking 'ORA Login' on the top right hand side of the menu at the top of the screen.

On a mobile phone you click the three red horizontal lines at the top right of the screen, the menu pops up and 'ORA Login' is inside the black area at the bottom of the menu.

Once you login you will be directed back to our homepage and ORA will now be visible in the top menu (insert image)

What is ORA?

The Online Resource Area is an online library. 

You will use ORA, alongside mentor guidance, to learn new skills or as a starting point or idea to work from. The resources are designed to be empowering, inspiring and filled with useful revelations. They are arranged to relate to the programme requirements.

What do we keep on ORA?

ORA includes instructional videos, artist documentaries and talks, creative practice and professional practice resources .  

All resources have at their base a focus on the transferable skills of creativity and innovation. The creative process can be applied to areas as wide reaching as creating a sculpture, starting a business, contributing to a work team, designing a menu, illustrating a book, making a piece of jewellery, having an exhibition, writing a script, playing an instrument, etc.

Resources are grouped by the level of study they most closely relate to, although we can't anticipate what skills our students come to us with, or what they want to do, so do be sure to look at resources in all the levels you have access to for inspiration.

Pages and Content tile colours are linked to programme/permission levels. Students can see content on their current level and the level below:

Blue = Level 4 (visible to all levels)

Red = Level 5 (visible to level 5, 6 and 7)

Green = Level 6 (visible to level 6 and 7)

Yellow = Level 7 (visible to level 7)