In our Ceramics Studio students can create sculptural forms from our large selection of clay bodies. We have earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, paper clays and variety of raku clays available.

Master a simple set of hand building techniques (taught in our beginners class) and you will soon be constructing your own sculptural clay projects.

Turn your creative ideas into three dimensional clay forms and fire them (bake them) in our electric and raku kilns. Use our pottery wheels, large clay extruder, wedging table, hand-building turntables, as well as wet cutting, polishing and grinding areas and learn to master a sand blaster. Apply basic glazes in the mixing and application area.

The facilities in this building also enable students to pursue small to medium scale projects in cast glass. We have a wax room with hot wax facilities, soldering irons, caulking guns and steam out equipment.

Students in the open studio sculpture classes and Friday’s mould-making class can pursue projects in glass.


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