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Kiran Gandhi

Painting Tutor


Kia ora my name is Kiran, I’ve spent many exciting years teaching in very different subsets of art and creativity. From lecturing new media and critical studies, to facilitating community development endeavours for not-for-profit creative spaces. I comfortably sit in the ‘outsider' lowbrow urban arts community where movies, cyberpunk, neo-noir and Japanese horror themes fuel the fire of my practice. I love teaching art, it’s a language I’m fluent in and it continues to offer me challenges and learning opportunities with every new project. I love working with people at their own terms, in their own style. Whether you are a skilled master or just beginning to use art as a means of recovery for your wellbeing, there is always room to grow and become a better communicator. I’m always obsessively busy drawing and painting, and when the urge to create calls, I carve out time and space to apply action. You can see this evolving visual narrative on my Instagram @kiranx.mechanized.


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