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Moving image is another technology that can be used to explore and develop ideas within the
digital world. The Learning Connexion offers a range of technical classes and creative workshops
in documentary, music video, drama, experimental video and animation. You can tell stories with documentary or drama, extend painting and drawing skills through animation, or transfer video skills into installation and non-narrative video works.

* If you are a distance delivery student you must have your own equipment and be able to use your software to select this option.

Creative applications

Including (but not limited to) -

• Animation (flip books, thaumatropes, creating loops, stop-motion, hand drawn frames)
• Story boarding; Concept development of characters
• Documentary
• Narrative drama
• Music Videos
• Experimental video (video collage, found footage work)

Technical and practical skills

Including (but not limited to) -

• Story/narrative/concept development: Research, script writing, storyboarding, creating
conceptual art
• Project planning: Rehearsals, test shots, shoot and workflow planning. May also include
character development, design and build, set design and build and sourcing found footage
• Shoot: Filming (including shot composition and visual language), acting, directing and other
key crew positions
• Post-production: Editing, digital effects, colour correction, titling/graphics, audio post, music
and exporting
• Distribution: Screening on-line, DVD creation and installation/projection


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