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Start Making Comic Books | Term One, 2019

Have you ever wanted to create your own comic? Come along and discover how to write and illustrate a comic book. The weekend will be a mix of information about the medium, with practical exercises to get you started.
Day 1 (with Dane): Learn how to craft a story.
Day 2 (with Alan): Learn how to design comic panels for the most effective visual impact. This introductory class is suitable for all levels. Just bring along your imagination and give it a go.


We start with an introduction to some of the conventions, processes and tools of comic book writing. Learn how to get started, plan and maintain a project. Create a short story to make into a comic script. Then learn effective panel flow and the best positions for text boxes and speech bubbles. Create thumbnail images for page designs, which can then be used for a full-size draft page. Share ideas and feedback with other creative writers.


* Gain an understanding of some of the conventions, processes and tools of creative writing
* Get started and create a short story to turn into a comic strip
* Learn about the basic principles of effective comic page layout
* Learn the basics of creating effective images within the constraints of comic panels
* Share your ideas and feedback with other creatives
* Acknowledge your own style and creativity


* Create a storyboard /draft script of a short story.
* Create a single pencilled comic page layout. This can be a rough draft or final draft, depending on experience.
* Share ideas and feedback with fellow students
* This class will not go into inking, due to time constraints.
* Creativity students: This class will provide opportunities to meet several required conditions for each graduate outcome for levels 4, 5 and 6. For more information, please discuss with your tutor

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Class Type: Weekend Class
Tutor: Dane Divine + Alan Poole
  • 16th, 17th February
  • 10:00am - 4:30pm
  • Materials cost: Printing will incur additional costs
    Casual Students: $75 per day + materials
  • T2.34
  • 16 (Max number of students)
Required Materials:
* A ballpoint pen or something to write with
* Pencils – HB lead. Can be standard or mechanical. Mechanical leads should be 0.2mm to 0.5 mm
* Eraser (kneadable preferred)
* Visual Diary
* A4 and A3 sketch pads
* Ruler
* Compass
* Set squares – 90-45-45 degree angles and 30-60-90 degree angles
* French curves
* Circle templates