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Bone carving WEB

Class Name: Bone Carving

Class Dates: 15 - 16 January 2020

Tutor: Aaron Frater

Bone carving is an ancient craft-art. It is a very ‘New Zealand’ art form. Come and learn this object art practice. You will learn the skills and techniques of designing and producing a small sculpture, using bone. Create small object artworks. It can be wearable or not, a piece to be mounted on the wall, or a larger artwork. You will engage with bone carving techniques and materials to explore small sculpture.

Suitable for all levels.

Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm

Materials Cost: $5 a cleaned half bone - payable to the tutor

Where: MM3

Class Size: 20 (max number of students)


● Exploration of tradition, tools and production through books, talk, etc.
● Introduction to tool use and bone as a material to carve
● Exploration of processes and materials relevant to bone and hardwood carving
● Design
● Production of pieces
● Finishing work


Design and make one or more bone or wood carvings using bone carving tools and relevant carving techniques. 


● One or more bone carvings. Learn how to use tools for bone carving / small sculpture
● Experience of small scale reductive sculpture. Also some small scale additive sculpture, linking to jewellery
● Design for bone carving skills and practice
● Designing and creating within the limits of the medium
● Extending ideas into use of other materials with similar processes
● Design of carvings, and ornamentation

Required Materials

● Spiral blades
● A dust mask
● Sand paper (80, 180, 400, 600, 1200 grits preferably)

You can purchase your art supplies from our Materials Shop online

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