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Knife Making with Dennis Berdinner

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Class Name: Knife Making

Class Dates: 21 - 24 January 2020

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Tutor: Dennis Berdinner

Dennis is an experienced knife maker, with a life-long passion for sculpture and creativity. For the past 15 years, he has been passing his knife making skills on to hundreds of people as a well-respected tutor at The Learning Connexion School of Creativity and Art. "I am always amazed at how quickly they have been able to work with a design they have drawn up and then transform a piece of car spring into a purpose made tool," says Dennis. "Their delight with their handiwork is a thing of beauty too!"

Why knives? "Slicing a tomato with ease is a beautiful thing," he says. "A super sharp edge and a well-balanced knife makes all the difference when it comes to prepping food for a dinner or a picnic. I enjoy cooking and so teaching myself to make knives had a fairly primal motivation."

People who attend his four-day Knife Making Workshop can expect to learn how to develop a design, and use this to transform a piece of spring steel into a functional knife for use in the kitchen, by forging and grinding.

Class Size: 8 (max number of students)

Fee: $600 

Class Description

Ever wanted to make your own knife? In this four-day class learn how to develop a design and use this to transform a piece of spring steel into a functional knife for use in the kitchen, by forging and grinding.

Suitable for all levels. Minimum age is 13, though if under 16 will need to be accompanied by a caregiver or parent.

Class Content

  • Design your knife - simple forms highly recommended to ensure completion within the four-day timeframe
  • Heating, beating, normalising, forming, surface finishing, hardening, tempering
  • Handle making, attaching, finishing
  • Sharpening and care of a knife


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  • Make a well-designed functional knife for everyday use or suitable for the kitchen
  • Develop knowledge of basic metalworking techniques by using safe and effective techniques for working hot metal
  • Gain confidence using hand tools and heat
  • Learn how to design and make your own tools
  • Learn best safety practice

Note - finishing details of the knife may be required after completion of the class. Follow-up instruction will be provided, if required, during class.

How will students be taught?

Students will learn by listening, seeing and doing. Each step is carefully explained, demonstrations are provided both one-to-one and to the group.

What materials will be needed? 

All materials will be supplied.

Note – for your safety and comfort please ensure you wear leather boots, and long cotton or wool pants. Leather gloves are optional if you wish. Acrylic clothing/footwear is potentially dangerous so please avoid wearing any.


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