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Jewellery Enamelling with Sally Laing


Class Name: Jewellery Enamelling with Sally Laing

Class Dates: 21 - 24 January 2020

Tutor: Sally Laing

Taranaki designer jeweller and enameller Sally Laing has over 30 years experience teaching and practising enamelling in New Zealand and Europe. Since training in Germany and England, she has specialised in the art of vitreous enamelling, a complex process that entails fusing powdered coloured glass on to precious metals.

Her enamel and sterling silver contemporary heirloom jewellery has featured in exhibitions in New Zealand and across the globe. Now based in Taranaki in the seaside town of Oakura, she draws inspiration from the colours, textures, patterns, and forms of the region's natural environment and wildlife to create her distinctive pieces.

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Class Size: 14 (max number of students)

Fee: $420 

Class Description

Enamel is a specialised kind of glass that is applied to metal (copper or silver) and then fired in a kiln. The workshop is suitable for beginners or those with some experience. We will make a number of pieces which can be made into earrings, pendants or brooches, exploring the use of transparent enamel on fine silver and using cloisonne wires and fine silver or gold foils. Come along and make some lovely, unique treasures and gifts!

This is a fun, info-packed class. Sally is a very experienced teacher who creates a relaxed creative experience.


People who attend Sally's workshop can expect a chilled vibe where they can unleash their creative talents and produce their own piece of unique jewellery in silver and or enamel. Students can expect to make anything small scale, such as a brooch, pendant or part for a ring.

How will students be taught?

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Sally will demonstrate and then work with individuals. Mostly we will do a few set pieces with each technique then students will develop what they are interested in.

What materials will be needed?

A starter kit of materials is included in the price. Additional materials, chains, ear wires etc can be purchased from Sally if required. Bring along sketchbooks, glasses, apron, photos of colourful designs you like, examples of previous work (even in other media).

What can more experienced students expect to learn?

Enamelling is a lifelong pursuit. Experienced students can try a new technique or perfect a more advanced iteration of one they know, with the support to problem-solve with Sally's help.


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