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Transformative Painting with Gary Freemantle

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Artworks from Gary's class

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Class Name: Transformative Painting

Class Dates: 18-20 January 2021

Tutor: Gary Freemantle

Gary works primarily as a full-time painter, a winner of major art awards and residencies he exhibits in major public and private galleries throughout NZ.

He successfully managed a contemporary art gallery for 7 years and has organised many groundbreaking exhibitions and group shows.

A very experienced tutor, he has taught painting in Community Education and at Whitireia Polytech, Inverlochy and at TLC for many years.

Gary works with all paint media. His practice is multifaceted and has wide ranging interests in all types of styles and approaches. This informs his non doctrinaire teaching approach.

Class Size:  10 (max number of students)

Fee: $330

Class Description

Expect the unexpected. This unique course is good for those who like unpredictability. And want to paint instinctively in a way that feels right for you. Avoid preconceptions or ideals and find a true reflection of yourself. Uncover your inherent abilities.

Discover areas of talent that you were never aware of and expand in surprising new directions. To make these discoveries you have to make a leap into the unknown. This class will give you the support and courage to do it.

Emphasis is on breaking through actual or imagined barriers so you will find your work evolving in unexpected ways.

Through experimentation, you will find exciting ways of engaging with paint and freeing up your painting approach with an emphasis on expressive and intuitive use of form. Make paintings that are lively and exciting to both create and look at.

Alternatively, you may have existing ideas which have scope for further development and need to make breakthroughs.

Some people might just want the enjoyment and stimulation of working in a group, an escape from isolation.

A variety of themes and styles, both abstract and figurative, is characteristic of these classes so they suit all levels of experience and interest.


There are no set outcomes. The results will be unpredictable and varied. You will produce a large quantity of colourful work from which you will be able to choose what you want to investigate further. We are aiming to discover a new way of working that connects with your interests and excites you.

What materials will be needed? 

Materials - Bring: acrylic paint: (Atelier or Reeves brand) medium yellow, deep red, (magenta or napthol crimson), phalo blue, ultramarine blue, carbon black, titanium white, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber.

Brushes: Range of sizes from 6cm wide to medium to fine. Bristle brushes or synthetic hair ok.
Supports: Hardboard panels, canvas boards, or heavy paper. We will be working mostly on paper, some will be provided for free.
Bring pen and pencils and drawing pad.
TLC material shop will be open so all materials will be obtainable onsite. We will discuss material needs at the start. We will keep this simple and affordable.



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