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Catherine Hayes ssweb2Introduction to Icon Painting

Workshop Dates: Friday 7 October - Sunday 9 October

Workshop Times: 

Friday 7 Oct 6pm to 9pm*
Saturday 8 Oct, 9:30am - 4:30pm with a one hour lunch break
Sunday 9 Oct, 9:30am - 4:30pm with a one hour lunch break
* Note: Friday night is needed to choose the image, transfer it to the panel, underpaint with red and then apply the “gold” leaf so that it can set overnight suitable for handling during the weekend so attendance on that evening is crucial.

Tutor: Catherine Hayes

Catherine has been teaching art since 2001. She has been following a theme of Alchemy for over 30 years, and so when the opportunity to learn Icon Painting presented itself in 2006, she took it as another way to learn about gold and what it can represent. She has subsequently taught Icon Painting Classes for many years. 

Workshop Size: 10 (max number of students)

Fee: $395

Workshop Summary

An introduction to the process and history of Icon Painting using Gouache on MDF panel coated with traditional gesso. You will learn how to apply imitation gold (brass) leaf to your painting and then use gouache to paint an Icon in a traditional style.

On Friday evening participants will learn a little history about Icon painting, both artistic and spiritual, after which they will choose a simple image (from the tutor's selection), apply the brass leaf, and allow it to dry overnight. Over Saturday and Sunday participants will paint the figure, starting with the clothes, the hands, and finally the face. Catherine is available to demonstrate and help at every step of the process. Quiet meditative music will be played, if desired, in order to enhance the weekend’s activities. Participants are welcome to bring from home their own Icons or books for the workshop to admire. Participants will leave with a finished Icon.

What materials will be needed?

  • Old clothes or apron
  • envelope to collect the “gold” leaf scraps (optional)
  • X3-4 small brushes of different sizes plus a liner or rigger brush
  • X1 Red acrylic paint for painting underneath the “gold” leaf and a medium-sized brush to apply it
  • Book of imitation gold leaf sheets ( not self-adhesive)
  • Gouache paints ( can be Reeves 12 or 18 tube pack, or at least 6 tubes of traditional water-soluble gouache paints (not acrylic gouache) Colours to include Red, yellow, blue, green, black and white
  • X1 thumbnail-sized soft synthetic brush for picking up the gold leaf sheets
  • X6 small dishes or saucers or a palette with wells for mixing the gouache paint
  • Water container
  • Ruler
  • Tool to engrave the image through the gesso - a nail or compass point or other sharp point can be used
  • A quiet meditative approach to this subject is very helpful. 

This class is part of The Learning Connexion's Spring Skills programme