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TLC’s hands-on spring workshop experience

25 September - 10 October

Get reconnected with your creativity. Get reconnected with people. Spring Connexion is a unique spring-themed programme of workshops designed to get you back in touch with your inner craftsperson.

With seven workshops to choose from, Spring Connexion is a great way to shake off the lockdown blues, and spread your creative legs – sorry, WINGS! Through a series of specialised boutique workshops, run by experts in their fields, you’ll learn some wonderful old school techniques with a contemporary twist.

Spring Connexion is about hands-on creativity; making treasures you will value over a lifetime working alongside other creative folks in the Learning Connexion's unique environment and studio setup.

Classes run from 9.30am to 4.30pm each day with an hour lunch break. 

Meet our Spring Connexion Tutors

Dennis Berdinner – Make a Knife (25 - 26 September, 2 October)

TutorProfilephoto DennisBerdinnerAn experienced and skillful sculptor, Dennis has been passing on his knife-making skills to hundreds of people for over 17 years.

"I'm always amazed at how quickly they have been able to work with a design they have drawn up and then transform a piece of car spring into a purpose-made tool. Their delight with their handiwork is a thing of beauty too!"

Ever wanted to make your own knife? In this three-day class over two weekends, learn how to develop a design then forge and grind a piece of spring steel into a wonderful utility knife perfect for slicing, dicing and chopping.

Suitable for all levels of skill.


Sabin Imhasly – Spring is in the air! Flower Felting (10 October)

Sabin PROFILEnewSabin Imhasly is an award-winning felter and, with her twin sister, runs the company Twinfelt. She has been felting for the past 16 years and has been teaching nationally and internationally. The focus of her teaching is hands-on discovery of the fun of felting, seeing the possibilities and creating a well-planned and high quality felt project.

Born and raised in the mountainous Valais region of Switzerland, Sabin is fascinated by the alchemy of the felting process during which loose, fragile wool fibres turn into a solid fabric. Felt is a unique, non-woven textile made from animal fibres, and the oldest form of fabric known to humankind.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to wet-felt a range of different flowers. The workshop will start with just the flower, then flowers with a stem and finally, you’ll have the chance to felt a 'flower stone'.

"There is such magic when those loose fibres turn into something very firm during the felting process - there is a real danger that you will get addicted!" says Sabin. "I will have a huge range of fibres, fabric and colours available for you to indulge into. Only your imagination will be your limit!"

Why flowers? "I get my inspiration from nature - colours, shapes, pattern. I like clear and simple designs – and it's spring! What better time to celebrate flowers."


Gary Freemantle - Dancing With Paint (2 - 3 October)

SpringConnexion GaryFreemantle SMALLGary Freemantle works primarily as a full-time painter and has exhibited in major public and private galleries throughout New Zealand.

An experienced tutor, he also successfully managed a contemporary art gallery for seven years and has organised many groundbreaking exhibitions and group shows. Gary works with all paint media. His practice is multifaceted and has wide-ranging interests in all types of styles and approaches.

In this two-day painting workshop, you’ll have the luxury of space within which to find exciting ways of engaging with paint and freeing up your painting approach by using your whole body with emphasis on expressive and intuitive use of form. Make broad gestures that dance and sing to create paintings that are lively and exciting to both create and look at. By remaining open to chance and serendipity we will live and paint in the moment.

Try something new, experiment and discover unexpected creative possibilities. This class always produces great results and much productivity. No previous experience necessary.


Macarena Bernal – Resin Jewellery Workshop (20 - 22 November*)

TutorProfilephoto MacarenaBernalAward-winning visual artist Macarena Bernal is renowned for her mindfully designed, handcrafted contemporary jewellery. Maca chooses Art Jewellery for its wearability-inducing interactivity. She is best known for Maca Links, which she pioneered in 2015.

In her work, Maca explores alternative ideas of value in jewellery by capitalising on the bonds between jewellery and wearer, propounding jewellery as wearable forms of archive, or using it as a platform to make socio-political statements.

Born in Chile, Maca has been based in New Zealand since 2012. She has studied jewellery in both Chile and New Zealand, including a Master’s Degree from the Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin School of Arts. See more of her work here.

Explore the awesomeness of resin! Make your own utterly unique resin jewellery in this two-day workshop with Maca. All levels of experience are welcome. Curious attitude essential, all materials included.

*Please note the change of date


 Please note
  • Each class has a maximum and minimum number of students. If you register for a class, payments must be made immediately on receipt of the confirmation email to confirm your place in the class.
  • These classes are suitable for people 16 years and older.
  • If there are any changes to COVID19 alert levels we will adhere to government restrictions and inform you of any necessary changes. If we are unable to operate a class for this reason we will cancel and offer a full refund. If you live in Auckland (at Alert Level 4 at the time of this advertisement being posted) please check the cancellation policies of your preferred transport provider as this may affect your decision to register for the class.
  • Students enrolled at TLC are required to pay the advertised price for Spring Connexion classes as these classes are not a part of the creativity programmes we offer.

Class Cancellation Policy
Please note – Each workshop needs a minimum number of students to run, and in the unlikely event this number is not reached by the Monday before the start of the class, the class may be cancelled. All who have paid and registered by that date will receive a full refund of the class fees they have paid.

No refund will be provided for people who have paid and registered for a class but do not attend, or cancel after the Monday before the start of the class.