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Advanced Ceramics | Term Two, 2023

Turn ideas into actions, objects and artworks.
Use clay as the vehicle to drive your ideas home.
Completion of two terms of the beginners clay class or equivalent are advised before registering for this class.


* Introductions and studio orientation
* Best practice guidelines
* Individual and group discussions/demonstrations regarding techniques of relevance to your project as it progresses
* Suggestions and research references of other ceramic artists working in your areas of interest


* Expand your techniques and working knowledge of clay
* Develop a project which utilises these techniques and extends your creative practice to include them
* Follow best practice guidelines
* Take part in a creative exchange with other enthusiastic ceramics students
* Develop, extend ideas and evaluate results using the creative spiral
* Complete a project gaining a clearer understanding of a specific technique


* A completed project and or a set of new technical skills
* Practical knowledge of best practice guidelines
* A deeper understanding of the possibilities of working with a set of processes in your areas of interest
* Insight into other artists working in a similar way to you
* Have fun and be part of a vibrant ceramic space where sharing of skills and ideas are encouraged and mistakes are seen as part of the creative process
* Creativity Projects you will be able to work towards include but are not limited to - Level 4 - CP1 Investigate, CP2 Present, CP3 Examine, CP4 Explore Level 5 - CP1 Challenge, CP2 Synthesise, CP3 Apply, CP4 Identify Patterns Level 6 - CP1 Initiate, CP2 Analyse Patterns, CP3 Present

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Class Type: Mains Class
Tutor: Mel Ford
  • Every Wednesday (08 May - 23 Jun)
  • 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Materials cost: Class fee of $35. If you fire more than 10kg (fired weight) of ceramic you may be charged an extra amount.
    Casual Students: $630.00 + materials
  • Hot Arts 2 – Ceramics / Wax
  • 10 (Max number of students)
Required Materials:
* This will be dependent on your project
* Some clay is available for purchase from the materials shop in both small and larger quantities - (2kg - 20kg bags)
* Please check with the materials shop for current pricing
* Dust mask and work shirt or apron are necessary
* Bring along any favourite tools you have