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Open Studio Sculpture | Term One, 2023

Wondering about sculpture? Don't know where to start?
Start with a basic idea and create from there with help from your tutor and class mates.
Explore materials and form.
Work with processes which appeal to you.
Curiosity is the key!
If you want to work with clay then you need to have attended the beginners ceramic class or equivalent.
For cast glass projects maximum weight per project is 2 kg.


* Introductions and studio orientation
* Best practice guidelines
* Assistance to decide on a sculptural project which incorporates your own ideas and skill set...using materials which you are curious about
* Individual and group discussions about processes, tips, and tricks which are relevant to your project as it unfolds
* Encouragement to observe what your fellow classmates are doing so as to absorb information about other materials and sculptural processes which you may wish to explore in the future


* Explore material and a set of processes which enable you to make a sculptural project of personal interest to you
* Follow best practice guidelines as you extend your working knowledge of form and a chosen material
* Glean information about other sculptural processes which you might wish to undertake in the future
* Extend your creative practice in the areas explored during this class
* Have fun!


* A deeper understanding of the material and a working knowledge of a clear set of processes which are relevant to your project
* A completed project or progression of a set of processes. (Note - some projects are complex and may require a longer time frame to complete)
* An extended creative practice which incorporates the processes and ideas you explore
* Exposure to other processes and materials which you may wish to explore in the future

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Class Type: Mains Class
Tutor: Mel Ford
  • Every Thursday (13 Feb - 31 Mar)
  • 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Materials cost: $35 firing fee for students working with kiln-fired glass or clay. There is a 10 kg fired weight maximum.
    Casual Students: $630.00 + materials
  • Hot Arts 2 – Ceramics / Wax
  • 10 (Max number of students)
Required Materials:
* Work shirt or apron
* Appropriate particulate dust mask for students working with dry materials such as plaster, clay and silica.
* Since you decide on the specific materials which you may wish to work with, some may need to be purchased elsewhere. Please check with the materials shop first
* Mel can suggest where to source specific materials not supplied by the school materials shop