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Print Making Techniques for Beginners | Term Three, 2022

Explore one print making technique in-depth, or, take a general look at printmaking to find out what interests you most.
You'll be able to work on your own projects, at your own pace, using the fully equipped print room.
This class is suitable for all students including beginners who would like to learn about print making.


We'll be covering a full range of print-making techniques including: silk screening, collagraph, dry point and wood cut.
Other printmaking techniques which you may be interested in can also be investigated through the term.


* Discover what is on offer in our print studio and learn about the equipment provided
* Gain knowledge of print making techniques
* Explore print making techniques that interest you
* Develop a collection of works produced through your exploration


* Use printing equipment safely and effectively
* Produce a range of prints using different techniques
* Use found and everyday items to make prints
* Know how to adapt and use artwork from other classes to make prints

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Class Type: Mains Class
Tutor: Linda Evangaline Smith
  • Every Thursday (25 Jul - 09 Sep)
  • 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Materials cost: Class fee of $25.
    Casual Students: $630.00 + materials
  • G1.15 Printmaking
  • 12 (Max number of students)
Required Materials:
Bring your own drawing tools and sketch book.