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Endless possibilities an Introduction to Printmaking Processes | Term Two, 2020

Explore the many methods of printmaking! If you are completely new to printmaking, or you have projects that you want to continue with, there is plenty of scope in this multi-technique class. You will learn monoprinting, collagraph, woodcut, embossing and dry point etching techniques. Then you can continue the adventure by taking a multi-media approach to your work to create unique images. Create, combine and enjoy the learning experience.
Suitable for all levels.


* Introduction to monoprint, collagraph, woodcut and drypoint etching techniques
* How to use the printing press
* Inking up procedures
* Transferring ink to paper
* Lots of time for hands-on experimentation and to work on individual projects
* Discussion of creative processes and outcomes


* A greater understanding of basic printmaking techniques
* Learn colour theory
* Understand how to create mixed media works on paper
* Application of printmaking processes to other areas of art making
* Time management skills


Create and develop a series of prints that demonstrate an understanding of basic printmaking techniques and good printmaking practice in the print studio.
* Creativity Projects you will be able to work towards include but are not limited to -
Level 4 - CP1 Investigate, CP2 Present, CP3 Examine, CP4 Explore
Level 5 - CP1 Challenge, CP2 Synthesise, CP3 Apply, CP4 Identify Patterns
Level 6 - CP1 Initiate, CP2 Analyse Patterns, CP3 Present
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Class Type: Evening Class
Tutor: Basia Smolnicki
  • Every Wednesday (08 Feb - 26 Mar)
  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Materials cost: $20 materials fee - payable at the materials shop before class begins, plus extra money for additional supplies.
    Casual Students: $315.00 + materials
  • G1.15 Printmaking
  • 12 (Max number of students)
Required Materials:
* Resource images/drawings
* Drawing materials
* Cartridge paper for proofing work
* Paper for chine colle/collage technique
* Quality printmaking paper
* Woodcutting tools/linocut tools (only after discussion with tutor)
* Craft knife, metal ruler, pencils etc
* Workbook