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Creative Fantasy Creatures (14-18 Oct) | Term Four, 2019

Learn the basics of sculpting an imaginary creature! Have you ever wondered how to sculpt a dragon, a bull/man, a mermaid, or a centaur? What other figurative/animalistic combinations can you think of? What would happen if you combined an eagle and a woman? Working with a wire armature and plastilina this class will help bring your imaginary fantasy creature to life. Useful for both 3D and 2D artists, since it makes it so much easier to draw an imaginary creature when you have a model to draw from!
Suitable for all levels.


* Make preliminary sketches of your creature (please come along with ideas)
* Resolve any technical problems (such as how to make wings, claws or beaks)
* Build your sculpture using a range of animal/figurative references to invent the detail
* Discussion of what you could do next with your finished idea – reference for illustration, make a mould or is your sculpture a maquette for a larger sculpture? What materials could you use? Objectives
* Gain practical skills in bringing fantastic, imaginary creatures to life
* Learn how to break the sculpting process into easy stages
* Solve the anatomical problems inherent in fantasy creature creation


* Become bold and courageous with your imaginary creature design


* Familiarity and confidence with creating work from your imagination
* One or more fantasy creatures

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Class Type: Block Week
Tutor: Sarah Brock
  • Every Block Week One ( - )
  • 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Materials cost: * Costs dependent on what you need. * See materials shop catalogue for prices - https://shop.tlc.ac.nz/collections
    Casual Students: $375.00 + materials
  • Mixed Media 1
  • 15 (Max number of students)
Required Materials:
* Paper and pencil
* 2 x plastilina blocks or SuperSculpey
* Wire, 14 gauge and 22 gauge
* Small pair of pointy pliers
* You can purchase your art supplies from our materials shop (but they don't sell wire, please get that from a hardware store) You can purchase your art supplies from our Materials Shop