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Showcase your Creativity (14-18 Oct) | Term Four, 2019

In this exciting week you'll participate in an offsite group exhibition showcasing your latest creative work whilst developing your own professional package to promote both the event and your own personal creative journey.
Develop an understanding of what is involved in putting on a group show. These skills will give you the confidence and knowledge needed to be a key part of the TLC end of term exhibition.
Early in the week we will gather together in the potential space to work through ways to present the collective's work. From there you will develop promotional material to assist in marketing of the show.
This will be a fantastic opportunity to receive feedback on your own practice and understand ways of collaborating with other creatives.
(The space where we will showcase our work will be revealed on the first day).
Priority to those planning to help in the TLC end of term exhibition.
Suitable for all levels.


* Work through the process of reflecting and reviewing your recent creativity and consider ways of presenting this to your peers and the public
* Collaborate with others to consider best ways to showcase the creativity as a group
* Collaborate with the group to consider how to best market and advertise the showcase through physical and digital media
* Learn essential exhibiting skills - hanging, displaying, marketing, pricing, collecting and caring for work
* Site specific and/or installation could also be an option for some of the participants
* Develop skills that will set you up to be involved in the end of term 4 student exhibition
* Note - If your programme ends before the end of the term you will still be able to assist with the EOTE as well as submit work for showing, however, no further credit can be given to your programme once you have reached your end date


* Understand ways of showcasing your creativity and how it can work within a group environment/space, that can then be continued with your own creative practice
* Be confident in ways that your work can be best presented and seen by the viewer
* Knowing the process of putting together an exhibition can then be transferred to the end of term 4 exhibition onsite


A show that is visually compelling and effective through group korero and each indivdual's response to the exhibiting space.

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Class Type: Block Week
Tutor: Dan Wilkinson
  • Every Block Week One ( - )
  • 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Materials cost: None, apart from the cost of purchasing your own materials for presenting your work.
    Casual Students: $375.00 + materials
  • None
  • 12 (Max number of students)
Required Materials:
Discussion on first morning to determine what it is we will exhibit and share in the selected exhibition space. This could be creative work that has been made during your programme so far or, you may wish to create a site specific work or installation in response to the space.