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TLC’s newly approved programmes give Creativity national recognition in the education landscape.

The programmes are at levels 4, 5 and 6 on the National Qualifications Framework.  They provide a clear structure and plenty of room for creative freedom.  They may be New Zealand’s opportunity to become a world leader in Creativity education.

How it works:

The New Zealand Certificate in Creativity Level 4 says YES to who you are.  Creativity grows from your trials and experiments, driven by your particular interests and personal strengths.  We provide encouragement, teaching and learning support to help you develop your creativity, in a way that fits the real world.

The whole TLC adventure is a boost to well-being. Students report greater confidence, resilience and become confident in their ability to find ways to prosper, no matter whatever the circumstances are. 

The New Zealand Diploma in Creativity Level 5 moves from the focus on self to sharing with others, (understanding that creativity is a mixture of ‘individual’ and ‘group’).  We support and nurture each other in many different ways.  You will learn marketing and promotional skills, blend your strengths with the needs of others, and establish win-win engagements.

Creativity challenges conventions and this allows you to discover what differences you could make to your own world, right now, and how these changes might affect others. These ideas may relate to culture, health, environment, science, society, economics, politics or any other field of interest to you. 

The New Zealand Diploma in Creativity Level 6 focuses on how 'self' fits in the community. While developing your own research and practice skills for creativity, you will be participating in exhibitions and exploring entrepreneurial opportunities. Finding ways to make money is important and connects with the community. It is about engaging with the needs of others and being aware of your environment.  

Your personal confidence will be well-established. Your ability to manage your own affairs in the workplace, or as an individual practitioner, is supported by a wide range of in-depth and practical competencies. 

Some of the big answers …

The new programmes offer scope for creativity in any field or area of interest.  Whatever your focus the creativity suite has plenty to offer.

Besides being a big step in its own right the creativity suite connects with another big initiative called ‘The Workroom.’  Behind this humble label is a web-based system that enables students to keep in touch with each other and to interact with tutors, regardless of location.  You can stay connected from nearly anywhere in the world.  The Workroom is designed to do things WITH you rather than TO you.  It’s a ground-breaking improvement in creative education.

For anyone who is worried that we might have abandoned art, worry not.  There will be just as much art as we’ve always had but the scope is much broader.  Art continues to be a brilliant way to discover goals that really matter, learn about your potential, and develop skills that are highly transferable.

We use art practice as a means of growing your creativity because art-based exploration provides something that you can’t get out of a textbook.  It connects with you as a whole person and this experience enriches other areas of learning and employment (even areas that might look hostile to creativity).

We expect each student to learn about how to make their creativity sustainable.  This has to be much bigger than ‘getting a job’ although sometimes we all have to make compromises in the short term.  One way or another all living things have found how to be sustainable and we’re no exception.

Creativity is a challenging option.  Freedom of choice goes hand-in-hand with discipline.  That’s the way it has to be because there aren’t any truly ‘safe’ options.

Welcome to TLC’s new and amazing world. There are some fresh labels and the same old promise. 

Learn how to turn your life into a work of art and still pay the bills.