The Learning Connexion has recently subscribed to eTV. 

What is eTV?

eTV is a not for profit service that allows student's access to video material recorded from TV. eTV captures TV programmes daily from Freeview, SKY and International Channels.

How do I access eTV?

If you are a current Learning Connexion student you can access eTV. To obtain a log-in please contact our media department with your full name and cite the programme you are enrolled in.

Guide Video's

eTV have prepared a set of videos to help you navigate your way through the new interface and features of eTV V4. You can watch them here.



 Video Library

Situated in the campus library is our video library. DVDs can be taken out of the library and are available to both on-site and distance students. You can view the catalogue here.

Students can also watch DVDs on location in the library. You can check-out up to three DVDs at a time, and you can have them for three weeks. Students studying from home can request DVDs too. Just call up your mentor and we'll post your DVDs out to you. You must remember to send them back to us. Keep in mind that you will be asked to pay costs for DVDs which are lost or damaged.

TLC copied DVDs will cost $5 each to replace, and DVDs in our catalogue which we have purchased will be charged for at their replacement cost. If you lose DVDs, return them late, or damage them, TLC reserves the right to either refuse you use of the library or request a deposit of $25 when you next want to check DVDs out. TLC also reserves the right to limit how many DVDs you check-out and only allow you to take out TLC copied DVDs. Your deposit will be used to cover costs for any DVDs you subsequently lose or damage, or it will be returned at the end of your programme.

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