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Student ID cards

Student ID Cards cost $5 each, and expire at the end date of the programme which a student is enrolled in.  These are for all full-time and part-time students who request them.  We print them on-site.

You can order an ID card by visiting the Materials Shop on-site or, by contacting materials on 0800 852 628 or, emailing us.

Student ID cards may be used for student discounts where available; ask at banks, art shops, cinemas, Westpac stadium, Gordon Harris and other art shops, Wellington theatres and Ticketek, doctors, dentists, STA travel  and Intercity Coachlines. 

If you need urgent proof that you are a student, you can contact Cherie Vibert (ask at reception) or email c.vibert@tlc.ac.nz for a ‘proof of study’ letter to be emailed or faxed.

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