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New Zealand Creativity Programme Students - Student Handbook

The Student Handbook contains an overview of each programme, details about classes, assessment criteria, the TLC School agreement, our Governance Structure and details of student related policies and procedures.

You can find the most up to date version of the Student Handbook on ORA under 'Getting Started'.

TLC School Agreement
The TLC School Agreement is a code of conduct for working. It applies equally if you are studying from home, working in the classroom, or using our online spaces. You can view and download the latest version of the School Agreement on ORA under 'Getting Started'. 

Learning Styles Profile - Download

Consent to confer - Download

Work & independent study log - Download

Work logs are a record of creative work that you do during your programme. If you are DD these should be sent (or emailed) to your mentor along with your work. If you are an on-site student doing independent study you need to take this form, along with your work to your mentor or Programme Support.