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What is ORA?

The Online Resource Area (ORA) is a space on the TLC website that holds student resources, It’s kind of like an online library.

Distance Delivery students will use ORA, alongside the resources books and mentor guidance, to learn new skills or as a starting point or idea to work from. The objectives of the resource (what you will learn in the resource) provide a focus and, sometimes, a point of reference for you to decide what it is you personally want from that resource. They are designed to be empowering, inspiring and filled with useful revelations.

What do we keep on ORA?

ORA has all of TLC’s video and written resources, these include; instructional videos, artist documentaries and talks, industry (professional practice) resources such as copyright, health and safety etc 

All resources have at their base a focus on the transferable skills of creativity and innovation. The creative process can be applied to areas as wide-reaching as creating a sculpture, starting a business, contributing to a work team, designing a menu, illustrating a book, making a piece of jewellery, having an exhibition, writing a script, playing an instrument, etc.

Resources are categorised according to the subject and feature a wide range of media for each subject. Students can see the resources for their current programme level and below e.g. Diploma Level 5 students can see Level 5 and 4 resources

How do I access it?

Current students can log in to ORA with the same email and password they use to access the Workroom

You can login here

For more information see: 'How to Use The Online Resource Area'