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  • Set of synthetic brushes (Jasart or similar)
  • 75ml Student Acrylic in the following colours:
  • Deep yellow
  • Vermilion
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Burnt Sienna
  • 200ml Student Acrylic Titanium White
  • Plastic Palette (A4 PVC sheet)
  • 10 sheets of A3 wet strength cartridge paper, or similar


This kit assumes that you have paint colours left over from the DD CTFAC starter kit, the colours in this kit are a top up to give you a full set to start colour mixing with. If you don’t please purchase kit A and kit B for a full set of colours

You can purchase the Painting Starter Kit A direct from the TLC Art Materials Shop by ordering online via the link, or you can find similar items at an art shop.

Contact the TLC Art Materials Shop on 0800 852 628, or email materials@tlc.ac.nz if you have any questions, they are more than happy to help you. Or visit our online shop

Painting starter kit Av2

We recommend a student grade acrylic paint for you to start with so you don’t make an investment in materials that you may not find useful if you discover you don’t like painting. If you already know that you want to concentrate on painting, then invest in a better quality paint if you can – the Shop can give you advice

If you would prefer to work in watercolour, gouache or oil paints right from the start, then please go for it. Get the same range of colours to play with.