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Distance Delivery students will need the following materials to complete the Creativity: Thinking for a change (CTFAC) exercises:

  • 10 sheets A2 cartridge paper
  • Black Sugar Paper: 1 sheet of A2 black paper
  • Grey Sugar paper: 2x A2 Sheets
  • Visual Diary: A 60 sheet book of A4 white paper
  • Charcoal Pack: 2 willow charcoal sticks and 1 compressed charcoal stick
  • White Crayon: A standard wax crayon
  • White soft pastel
  • Eterna Brush: Size 16 basic-student quality brush with stiff coarse hog bristles
  • 75ml Student Acrylic in the following colours:
    • Lemon yellow
    • Rose Madder
    • Phtalo Blue
    • Mars black
  • Glue stick
  • Soap (not sold as part of the CTFAC Materials kit – please source your own)


You can purchase the Distance Delivery CTFAC Starter Kit direct from the TLC Art Materials Shop by ordering online via the link, or you can find similar items at an art shop.

Contact the TLC Art Materials Shop on 0800 852 628, or email materials@tlc.ac.nz if you have any questions, they are more than happy to help you. Or visit our online shop

We recommend a student grade acrylic paint for you to start with so you don’t make an investment in materials that you may not find useful if you discover you don’t like painting. If you already know that you want to concentrate on painting, then invest in a better quality paint if you can – the Shop can give you advice

If you would prefer to work in watercolour, gouache or oil paints right from the start, then please go for it. Get the same range of colours to play with.

DD CTFAC starter kit Jan2021 final smaller 

Alternative materials

If you want to work in a more sustainable way, use your imagination to find materials that can do the job of the more traditional art materials listed above, for example:

-          Recycle cardboard, paper and packaging materials instead of buying paper

-          Use charred sticks from a campfire instead of charcoal

-          A wax candle works in the same way as a standard wax crayon for some of the drawing exercises, and a piece of soft stone can make marks similar to chalk or soft pastels

-          Try using colouring agents you can find in your kitchen, such as coffee, tea, turmeric, beetroot juice and food colouring

-          Make glue from flour and water – just cook it up like unflavoured custard

Remember – if you aren’t having fun, you’re not doing it right!