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Due to the current COVID-19 enforced lockdown, we have cancelled the opening night of our student exhibition, which was scheduled for Thursday 2 April. We are currently reviewing how to manage some sort of online exhibition. 

Email to all students from Johannes, Monday 30 March

Hi Everyone,

In the current situation of the lockdown the school is looking at an online option to display photos of your works for the End-of-Term 1 exhibition. We will also develop a digital catalogue version that could allow for online sales at a later date.

We realise that some of your art may be on campus and not accessible, but we would love to see and share photos of any of your exhibition entries that are available right now.

To set that up we would need good quality photos and the information listed below. For the moment let’s stick to the usual rules about the number of entries - three per student (or six for a series of works, which would count as one entry/one price). Please send your photos and accompanying info to Johannes at j.mueller-welschof@tlc.ac.nz

The following details would be needed:

● Your full name and telephone number

● Your programme level and whether you are onsite or distance delivery

● Social media connections you are using for your art practice

● Title of the artwork

● Single entry or series

● Medium

● Measurements (as viewers need to get an idea about the scale); for jewellery, please add details like ring sizes

● Price (for potential later use in an online catalogue)

● Choice of payment options – to your bank account, or as credit to your account at the TLC materials shop

● When it comes to the photos, please aim for high resolution pictures – if not with a camera, many phones are already capable of good quality photos. And make sure the lighting is good - try and use natural lighting and try not to use a flash setting.

For 2D items (paintings, prints, drawings, photos) one frontal shot probably would be sufficient. Ideally you want to avoid having a glass sheet covering the work, when you take a photo.

For sculptures, installations, ceramics, bronze, glass works and jewellery you would want at least three photos from different angles.

For distance delivery students whose couriered works arrived before the lockdown, we’ll make sure that photos are taken of these items.

Please send your photos in as soon as you can - both to your mentors for assessment and to the exhibition team. If you have any questions, please contact Johannes at j.mueller-welschof@tlc.ac.nz


Johannes Mueller-Welschof

Community Liaison Facilitator, The Learning Connexion

Cover Artwork by Sebastien Nicholas Jaunas

The Learning Connexion student exhibition runs at the end of every term, and you are all encouraged to enter work. Because it's student-run it's a great process to get involved in and is an excellent opportunity to get some feedback from the general public.

The exhibition does not have to be about showing your best work or trying to sell your art. It is an opportunity to connect with a wider audience and to test your ideas out. This is part of the creative process; taking risks and breaking existing patterns.

The next TLC Student Exhibition - AUTUMN JOURNEYS

Exhibition Opening Night: CANCELLED 

Exhibition Hours: TBC

Download a PDF information sheet about the exhibition.

Download an Exhibition submission form.

Download the Exhibition flyer

On-site submissions

Onsite submissions have now closed.

Be part of the student team running the show. You find the sign-up sheets for volunteer roles in the common room on the first floor.

Distance Delivery submissions
If you are unable to drop off your artworks then they can be couriered to The Learning Connexion. Offsite students need to courier or drop off their work to TLC by Wednesday 25 March.

Please take care with packaging your work and ensure you clearly mark it 'For Exhibition'. If your work is framed with glass, please pack it very carefully. Clearly mark your packages as 'fragile'.

Exhibition Contact

For more information, please contact the student exhibition co-ordinator - on at j.mueller-welschof@tlc.ac.nz

Payments for sold work

You can choose to be paid for any sales by one of these methods: either a materials credit to your TLC shop account, a direct deposit into your bank account, or have a cheque posted to you.

Please include a note with your submission forms that lets us know your payment preference. If you choose to be paid by direct deposit, please include your bank account name and number. Please note, if you do not state a preference, then you will automatically receive payment via a posted cheque.