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Cover Artwork - Autumn Leaves - Adrienne Lopdell - Level 4 Distant Delivery

The Learning Connexion student exhibition runs at the end of every term, and you are all encouraged to enter work. Because it's student-run it's a great process to get involved in and is an excellent opportunity to get some feedback from the general public.

The exhibition does not have to be about showing your best work or trying to sell your art. It is an opportunity to connect with a wider audience and to test your ideas out. This is part of the creative process; taking risks and breaking existing patterns.

The next TLC Student Exhibition - SPACED IN

Following the success of our April Online Exhibition Together Apart, and the ongoing uncertainty of Covid-19 restrictions, we have made the decision to run our Term 2 exhibition online. 

This term our online exhibition is titled Spaced in - in recognition of our new world of social distancing, and staying home. Students may submit photographs of their work via our new online submission form. Submissions run until Thursday 18 June, giving you plenty of time to prepare your works and take good quality photos.

You might have finished works from last term that you were unable to submit due to the lockdown – this is a great opportunity to put them in early for this term.

On our new submission guidelines document we have also provided info on specifications for your photos to submit/upload. Please have a good read-through and take some time for the tutorial pdfs and video links provided below.

For some excellent tips on photographing your artwork for the exhibition, please have a read through the following documents:

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Digital advertising materials for the exhibition to share will be available soon.

If there are any questions/issues with the submission form, please get in touch with Johannes j.mueller-welschof@tlc.ac.nz

We can't wait to see your submissions!

Exhibition Opening: This exhibition will be published online on Thursday 25 June at 6pm 

Exhibition Hours: The exhibition will be open all hours of the day and run for two weeks (initially)

Download the Exhibition flyer

Exhibition Contact

For more information, please contact the student exhibition co-ordinator - on at j.mueller-welschof@tlc.ac.nz

Payments for sold work

You can choose to be paid for any sales by one of these methods: either a materials credit to your TLC shop account, a direct deposit into your bank account.

Please include a note with your submission that lets us know your payment preference. If you choose to be paid by direct deposit, please include your bank account name and number.