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Cover Artwork - Trapped - Michelle Bolger - Level 5 

The Learning Connexion student exhibition runs at the end of every term, and you are all encouraged to enter work. Because it's student-run it's a great process to get involved in and is an excellent opportunity to get some feedback from the general public.

The exhibition does not have to be about showing your best work or trying to sell your art. It is an opportunity to connect with a wider audience and to test your ideas out. This is part of the creative process; taking risks and breaking existing patterns.

The next TLC Student Exhibition - SPRING FORWARD

As much as we enjoyed our two previous online exhibitions, it is time to move back onsite. Provided that New Zealand stays at Alert Level One, our Term 3 exhibition will be entirely onsite.

This term our exhibition is titled Spring Forward - recognising a renewed optimism post-lockdown. New Zealand has done well to largely eliminate Covid-19, and while we aren't complacent, we have an increased sense of confidence that social distancing, and staying home is behind us. 

Our submission days are 9th and 10th September - please see the Submission Guidelines for full details. Download Submission Forms here. Make sure to also read the Fine Print - essentially our Exhibition Agreement.

Digital advertising materials for the exhibition to share will be available soon.

If there are any questions, please get in touch with Johannes j.mueller-welschof@tlc.ac.nz

We can't wait to see your submissions!

Exhibition Opening: Thursday 17 September at 6pm 

Exhibition Hours: The exhibition runs until 20 September, 4pm

Download the Exhibition flyer

Exhibition Contact

For more information, please contact the student exhibition co-ordinator - at j.mueller-welschof@tlc.ac.nz

Payments for sold work

You can choose to be paid for any sales by one of these methods: either a materials credit to your TLC shop account or a direct deposit into your bank account. Please include a note with your submission that lets us know your payment preference. If you choose to be paid by direct deposit, please include your bank account name and number.