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Programme Requirements 

Level 6 is about consolidating your creative practice (self and the world)

The Diploma in Creativity (Level 6) focuses on how 'self' fits in the community. While developing your own research and practice skills for creativity, you will be participating in exhibitions and exploring entrepreneurial opportunities in your community. It is about engaging with the needs of others as you develop your confidence. Your ability to manage your own affairs as an individual practitioner will be supported by a wide range of in-depth and practical competencies.

The aim of the Level 6 programme is to increase understanding of creative process and practice. You will work from your core drivers, in your areas of interest, to develop transferable and transportable skills in creativity which may be applied effectively to a wide range of industry roles and/or higher-level tertiary study.


Make work based on the following actions in the discipline(s) of your choice:

Initiate. Creativity Project 1:

Initiate, visualise and develop multiple projects based on your existing practice

This project should take about 7 weeks (Full Time - FT)/14 weeks (Part time - PT)

Analyse patterns. Creativity Project 2:

Review the work you are now making and consider how it contributes to your creative goals

This project should take about 4 weeks (FT)/8 weeks (PT)

Present. Creativity Project 3:

Create and present a well-developed body of work/creativity project/s

This project should take about 17 weeks (FT)/34 weeks (PT)

Apply. Creativity Project 4:

Engage with your audience/followers through your work and expand your network

This project should take 3-4 weeks (FT)/6-8 weeks (PT)

Recognise. Creativity Project 5:

Review how your work recognises and uses the creative practices of different communities, cultures and disciplines

This project should take 2-3 weeks (FT)/6-6 weeks (PT)

Creativity; Thinking for a Change (CTFAC)

If you have received recognition of prior learning (RPL) and have joined TLC at Diploma level 6 you must also complete the Creativity; Thinking for a Change (CTFAC) class. You can do this either by attending on-site classes or using the video resource on the Getting Started DVD.