The Learning Connexion has lockers available for hire to keep your work secure on campus.

Hiring a locker

Lockers can be hired by contacting the Materials Shop staff [email protected], 0800 TLC Materials (0800 852 628). Lockers cost $20 for six months or $35 per year to hire and you need to provide your own padlock.

DVD Help

Our Distance Delivery resource DVDs are duplicated, not replicated. This means that occasionally the DVDs will not play on a small number of DVD players. If you have any problems, please look through the list of suggestions below.

Have you checked if the disc is clean and scratch-free? Cleaning a DVD can often help make it play and damaged DVDs are likely to skip and freeze
It might be a problem with your DVD player - you can test this by trying another DVD in the player. If other DVDs won't play it is likely to be a problem with the player
Some DVD players don't play duplicated DVDs well so if you are able to test the DVD in another player you may find that it will play
It is also a good idea to try the DVD on a computer if you can. Computers are less sensitive to duplicated DVDs

If you are still having problems please contact your mentor to arrange a replacement DVD.


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