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Please note: We are no longer able to accept enrolments into this qualification as it has been marked by NZQA as expiring. 

Summary of Programme:

Duration: 6 months (full-time), 1 year (part-time)

Delivery: On-site or Distance Delivery (study from home)

Major and Minor Courses: 

The Certificate of Art and Creativity (NZQA Level 4) programme is six months full-time (equivalent 30 hours per week), or one year part-time (equivalent 15 hours per week).

The focus for this stage is on exploration, experimentation, building skills and identifying possibilities in art and creativity.

It is a hands-on, practical programme for those with little or no practical art experience and/or those who wish to widen their creative practice and build key skills.

The programme is a structured introduction to a wide range of art and creativity ideas and applications. Students will complete an introductory section and then select majors and minors from drawing, painting or 3D to complete their programme.

You can find out more details about the Certificate of Art and Creativity programme structure and requirements here.

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