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A new exhibition at Thistle Hall in Wellington features staff and students from The Learning Connexion. 

Songlines features the work of Robert Franken, Aaron Frater, Dan Wilkinson, Liz Millar, Mark Peck and Suzanne Willis. 


Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba Street

25 February - 1 March

Opening: Tuesday, 25 February 2020 at 5pm

Song Lines. When one throws a pebble in the water, the ripples travel on beyond being still visible to the naked eye. This exhibition is inspired by the echoes of a Nikau forest. Trees and pagan rights and spirits are all connected. This is the base of this series of the works collectively and yet has its own individual stamp on it. For the “Is and Isn’t" are closely connected. Like day and night. Dawn and dusk are the letterbox in the day. Where night slips into the day and vice versa. 



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