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Artworks of Perseverance - student exhibition

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The Learning Connexion School of Creativity and Art is celebrating the perseverance and strength of its students in their latest exhibition.

SerraClark2y2Opening on Thursday 10 December, He mahi toi a ngā manawā tītī – Artworks of Perseverance – recognises the huge physical, mental and financial challenges of 2020 for students, and the strength of character it has taken to continue to study, learn and create.

“This has been a very challenging year for our students and it is really great to see how they have been able to adapt,” says Johannes Mueller-Welschof, Community Liaison Facilitator at The Learning Connexion (TLC).

“Like most people in New Zealand, many of our students have found 2020 very tough. As well as the pressures on physical and mental health, Covid-19 has disrupted people’s plans and put a strain on finances.“

“However, through it all, our students have shown remarkable resilience and adaptability, continuing to produce outstanding work. If anything, we have seen a flourishing of creativity during this time. It’s only fitting for us to title this exhibition Artworks of Perseverance,” says Johannes.

ChristineWinbush One of those students is New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 6) student Christine Winbush. Christine, who underwent surgery for her vision earlier this year, lost access to TLC’s art studios during lockdown, meaning she had to radically change her approach to art.

“It was really hard at first to adapt during lockdown. I had to move from ceramics to working in 2D, as I didn’t have the resources at home. But it also forced me to learn new techniques. I feel like a more complete artist now.”

Christine is no stranger to adapting to challenging times – she came to TLC when deteriorating eyesight meant she had to abandon plans to study towards a doctorate in Social Work. “It was a huge risk and adaptation going from being a wage earner to trying to earn a living through art in which I had no formal training,” she says.

She says her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds during her time at TLC, with her unique artwork receiving plenty of recognition and acclaim.

With over a hundred works of art from TLC’s onsite and distance delivery students, He mahi toi a ngā manawā tītī presents a diverse collection from across the creative disciplines, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, jewellery, illustration and photography.

T4.20 Exhibition IG1Opening night will include a bronze pour demonstration at the school’s Hot Arts studio, and an interactive creativity demonstration facilitated by TLC’s popular Kids Art tutor Leda Farrow.

“After getting through a tough year, we feel like celebrating, so we are amping things up for opening night. If you are curious about what TLC has to offer, and how we could help with your own creative journey, then this is the time to visit our campus,” says Johannes.

He mahi toi a ngā manawā tītī – Artworks of Perseverance

10 December – 13 December 2020

Exhibition Opening: 6pm, Thursday 10 December at The Learning Connexion School of Creativity and Art, 182 Eastern Hutt Road, Taita, Lower Hutt.

Exhibition Hours: The exhibition will be open daily 10am - 4pm until Sunday 13 December. Poster Artwork – The demise of the Huia – Emma Hercus, a Level 4 student at TLC


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