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Macarena Bernal: Making Contemporary Treasures

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macaProfIle copyA workshop on contemporary jewellery run by one of New Zealand’s most exciting visual artists is selling out ahead of Summer Skills this January.

Macarena Bernal is returning to The Learning Connexion for a Resin Jewellery Workshop run over the weekend of 28 - 29 January, and she’s promising a very unique experience.

“Resin as a material for jewellery has some pretty cool benefits. You can make large pieces that are light in weight, you can incorporate bright colours into your jewellery designs, you can make jewellery encapsulating treasured small objects such as keys, sand, shells, hair, paper other objects that hold dear memories.”

3 copy maca2Born in Chile, Macarena is renowned for her mindfully designed, handcrafted contemporary jewellery. She chooses Art Jewellery for its wearability-inducing interactivity. Best known for her work Links, her work explores alternative ideas of value in jewellery.

“Art jewellery or contemporary jewellery is ideas based and it allows me to move from the traditional into the artistic and creative, where the perception of value, attached to the word jewellery changes and mutates,” says Macarena.

“When teaching workshops with resin, I tend to celebrate and encourage the alternative, the different, the serendipitous. There's so much beauty in this material for those that get in tune with it and I enjoy finding it in my students' work.”

1Maca2Macarena has been based in New Zealand since 2012. She has studied jewellery in both Chile and New Zealand, including a Master’s Degree from the Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin School of Arts. You can see more of her work here.

She says the workshop is open to all levels of skill, and will start with the important process of mould making. “I teaching how to make your own silicone moulds to pour resin into, this way you dont have to conform to generic moulds and you get to personalise your jewellery designs – which takes you to the next level.”

Day two will be a masterclass on pigment mixing and casting techniques to achieve the most diverse results. “Finally we will affix jewellery findings to your resin components making them wearable jewellery to take home and treasure for life.”

Macarena says participants can expect to make several pieces of jewellery and take plenty more to finish at home. “The workshop is ideal to make earrings, bangles and rings for yourself and for all your friends too.”

Sound like you? Book today for Macarena's Resin Jewellery Workshop here, or click the banner below. 

Macarena Bernal


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