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Javier Murcia: Pushing the limits of sculpture

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main1 copyA workshop on figurative sculpture run by one of the industry’s best exponents is filling up fast ahead of Summer Skills next month.

Javier Murcia is bringing his unique talents to The Learning Connexion for a week-long workshop in January, providing a rare opportunity to learn from an internationally renowned sculptor, who counts Sir Richard Taylor among his biggest fans.

“His work dances on a knife edge, as noble and reverential as it is fervent and impassioned,” says the Weta visionary, who worked with Javier on Te Papa’s extraordinary exhibition The Scale of Our War, among other projects.

A Summer Skills’ regular, Javier is looking forward to sharing his passion with a new batch of students.

“Learning the human figure, in the same way it has been studied by artists for millennia in history, is a unique opportunity here in New Zealand. It is the same way of learning they use in academies in Europe, some of the oldest art schools in the world alive.”

phto2 smallJavier says figurative sculpture in clay is useful for both 3D and 2D artists, as it helps to understand the human figure in volume. Working with a life-model, students learn to break the body into simple geometric parts and understand how the body's mechanics shape the pose.

Born in Spain, Javier has international experience of over 20 years working in the film and art industries, including five years at Weta Workshop. He has lived in New Zealand since 2013, and is inspiring a new generation of Kiwi creatives with his passion. View Javier's website here

“My passion for the human figure is the same kind of passion a musician can have for playing music. You love it so much that it becomes part of you.”

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, we’ll leave it once more to Sir Richard Taylor:

“Javier Murcia pushes human anatomy to its outer limits while elevating the grace, strength and potential energy of the human form.”

Are you ready to push your limits? Book for Sculpt a Figure with Javier Murcia here, or click the banner below. 

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