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LATEST UPDATE for enrolled students - Tuesday 12 May

From Level 3 to Level 2 - What will this mean for onsite students?

Yesterday (11 May) the Prime Minister confirmed that we will be moving from alert level 3 to alert level 2 at 11.59 p.m. this Wednesday 13 May.

TLC will be able to reopen next Monday, 18 May and you will be able to study onsite again.

To stay safe we will need to ensure the following -

  • Social distancing will be required both inside (1 metre) and outside (2 metres).
  • Other ongoing best practise rules include - frequent sanitising of all shared tools, cleaning/sanitising of surfaces, frequent washing of hands.
  • Work from home if you have any signs of sniffles or coughs.
  • Continue isolation at home if you are immune compromised or staying with someone who is.
  • Online delivery will be available for onsite students who need to remain in isolation. Please let Programme Support know if this applies to you.
  • Contact tracing and testing will be ongoing - mostly this will be done through class rolls. If you are onsite and working independently please make sure you sign in and out at Reception.
  • The shop will continue to operate during level 2 as they are now in level 3 with online ordering/payment and a click and collect type of service. No students will be able to go into the shop. Ordered items can be collected from Reception.
  • Use of the common rooms in Hot Arts and Taylor - to maintain social distancing only two people at the table and two in the kitchen at a time. Please make sure all surfaces are wiped down after use e.g. microwave, benches.
  • We have decided not to run the bus during level 2. Metlink services are back to running a normal timetable and all bus and trains are free until the end of June. Passengers must have a snapper card to board - this is how metlink will contact trace.

So for the rest of this week, we will continue with the same onsite class arrangements we have had for last week - a few classes onsite delivering to both those who are present and those registered for the class but working from home; all other classes to be delivered online.

Everyone has been doing a wonderful job of working together, looking out for each other, keeping safe and being kind!

Kia kaha - ake ake ake


PREVIOUS UPDATE for enrolled students - Thursday 23 April

Kia ora

We hope that you have been managing to make the best of these very different, very challenging times. Having some familiar activities to look forward to will be reassuring. While we won’t be able to carry on as we have done in the past at the start of the term, we hope that as restrictions ease, we will be able to resume onsite classes in a pattern which will be more familiar to you.

We don’t have all of the answers yet as to what the term might look like but here’s the plan for the first week of mains classes which will be compliant with Alert Level 3.

Once we have word from government about timing for the shift to Alert level 2, and what is involved with that, we will be able to confirm how onsite delivery will work for the remainder of the term. 

How are the Term 2 classes going to run on-site?

We have had to develop a plan for limited onsite classes guided by the government’s COVID-19 Level 3 rules.

The situation outlined below will apply for at least the first week of mains classes and possibly longer depending on the government’s COVID-19 directives. As restrictions ease we will adjust our delivery processes and requirements accordingly. Ideally we’ll be able to resume a pattern of delivery closer to what we are all familiar with as government restrictions are eased, testing and tracing are extended and threat levels reduce.

Studio access will be available for some onsite students in classes which require specialist equipment - these will be - ceramics, jewellery, print, hot arts, mixed media. All other subjects will be delivered by online delivery.

Distance Delivery students who have registered for onsite classes in Term 2 will need to wait until we can resume full onsite delivery before attending classes on site. This will be dependent on government requirements. Until then, you will be able to work with your tutor via digital delivery options.

Your tutors will be in touch with more details about what you can expect for class delivery in the first week of term so that you can be actively engaged in your studies.

The key government rules which have guided us are:

  • Bubbles can have a maximum of 10 people - 9 students and one tutor
  • Students and tutors in a bubble are not able to mix with students/tutors in another one during the period of Level 3 alert
  • Physical separation of one metre spacing will be required within a studio
  • Everybody onsite will need to be recorded for possible contact tracing if required
  • Those who are immune compromised or who have immune compromised people in their bubble are not expected to be onsite

What will this mean in terms of my classes for Term 2?

You will have the same mains classes that you have registered for and been placed into. On the day/s you are not at school you will work online with your tutor who will communicate with you via a combination of email, phone or Zoom to ensure you are able to get started or continue your study. If your tutor has a studio based class on the same day you have registered, but you have not been placed in the studio class, you will be able to work from home with your tutor via online learning.

You will only be able to come onsite for one studio based class so you’ll need to decide which one that will be and let programme support know. We have had to create a new set of priorities around who can join an onsite class.

Please see the information below for details we have had to put in place to ensure everyone’s safety. We are sorry that the term is not going to start as you might have expected. We do hope that we can move soon to onsite classes, as you have experienced them in the past. Our main focus is for you to be safe, to be kind and to make sure you keep having fun while studying creativity.

Open studio attendance
You may attend only ONE studio per week.
You can only be on campus on the day that the studio is running.
Each studio can only have a maximum of 10 people present - 9 students and one tutor.

What can I enrol for ? (See classes available below):
All levels classes - priority to Level 4 students, then other levels.
Advanced classes - open to higher levels first
Beginner Classes  - Level 4 then extended to all other levels

How do I register for a place in a studio based class?
You can register for a place in a studio by emailing Cat at c.fraser@tlc.ac.nz to register your interest in the studio-based class. You are not automatically in the studio based class even if you are registered on that day. We will need registrations by Wednesday 29 April. If you are in an onsite studio you will be notified by Thursday 29 April. You can apply for more than one studio but you will only be placed in one.

Stay home if you are at all unwell
If you, or someone you are living with, has a cough … a sore throat … a fever … a sniffle … a sneeze PLEASE STAY HOME. Tell Programme Support via email ps@tlc.ac.nz

Stay within workshop group
You need to stay with the group attending your open studio. You may not swap from one open studio group to another once you have attended one, or mingle with those attending another studio on campus.

Stay within designated areas
Each workshop will have its own designated areas of the campus that you may use: The workshop area itself, kitchen area, toilets, smoking area, car parking area. Please don’t access any areas on campus other than the ones allocated to your bubble.

TLC will maintain a register of everybody who comes onsite during Alert Level 3 for attendance and contact tracing purposes. One register will be in each studio.

Studio cleaning
Please help. Students/tutors to empty rubbish bins into outside skips at the end of each day.
Students/tutors will wipe down all surfaces in the areas they have used when they leave the premises - including door handles, kitchen surfaces and toilets.
Cleaning supplies will be available in all areas being used.

Students/tutors will ensure that all windows and doors are locked when they leave the premises

Shop is open for online orders from 28 April 2020.

Items will be available from the Materials Shop but it is closed to people wanting to visit it. It is operating in a contact free manner, couriering materials out to students or to a designated drop off. All orders need to be made either online, by email or phone and paid for before pick up/courier. Please stay out of the Ground Floor Taylor corridor to protect TLC staff.

No studio - don’t be on campus
If you are not attending a workshop please do not come on to the campus. This is to protect other students, tutors and staff who are working or who live on campus. 

We may ask you to leave
If a student chooses not to follow these guidelines which have been put in place to protect everyone in our community, they will be asked to leave the campus.

Communal smoking area is closed
The communal smoking area behind the maintenance shed is closed during Alert Level 3.
Smokers must not mingle with attendees of open studios other than the one they are attending. They must use the designated smoking area for each studio

Transport to school - no bus
You will need to find your own way to school as the TLC bus will not be running. TLC is unable to provide transport to and from the campus.

Onsite workshops - starting Monday 4 May 2020 until further notice

Hot Arts - All levels - prioritising beginners
Tutor: Dennis Berdinner
Designated areas: Kitchen/toilets: Hot Arts kitchen and toilets.
Smoking area behind MM1
Car park: by Mixed Media building, not in main car park

Jewellery - Advanced
Tutor: Hanne Eriksen Mapp
Designated areas:  Kitchen - Taylor second floor (nowhere else in Taylor building, other than Reception) 

Toilets: Ground floor Grange (Certificate room - Men) Second floor Taylor (Opposite Jewellery class - Women)
Smoking area: Back door of Taylor. Please don’t walk through Taylor to get there
Car park: in front of or beside Taylor

Ceramics/Hot Arts/Mixed media - Advanced
Tutor: Perry Scott
Designated areas: Kitchen/toilets: Hot Arts kitchen and toilets.
Smoking area behind MM1
Car park: by Mixed Media building, not in main car park
Avoid those attending the other open studio

Printmaking - All levels - prioritising beginners
Tutor: Linda Smith
Designated areas: Kitchen: Taylor second floor (nowhere else in Taylor building, other than Reception and up the stairs) 

Toilets: Ground floor grange
Smoking area: Back door of Taylor. Please don’t walk through Taylor to get there
Car park: outside Grange or Taylor.
Avoid those attending the other open studio

Jewellery - Beginners
Tutor: Keri-Mei Zagrobelna
Designated areas: Kitchen:Taylor second floor (nowhere else in Taylor building, other than Reception and up the stairs)
Toilets: Ground floor Grange (Cert room - Men) Second floor Taylor (Opp Jewellery class - Women)
Smoking area: Back door of Taylor. Please don’t walk through Taylor to get there
Car Park: in front of or beside Taylor


Ceramics - All levels
Tutor: Mel Ford (to be confirmed)
Designated areas: Kitchen/toilets: Hot Arts kitchen and toilets.
Smoking area behind MM1
Car park: by Mixed Media building, not in main car park

In the meantime, if you need help or more information please call us at 0800 278 769 and ask for what you need.

Nga manaakitanga

The team at TLC
Kind regards

The Learning Connexion team

Current situation - COVID-19 in New Zealand

New Zealand will be at Alert Level 2 from Thursday 14 May.

At Alert Level 2 we must be vigilant. We can keep working together to unite against COVID-19 by sticking to the rules.

As of Tuesday 12 May New Zealand has 1497 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19. For a summary of the current status see the Ministry of Health's current cases page

With continued vigilance the chance of widespread community outbreak is expected to remain low. 

If you develop a fever, cough or shortness of breath, phone Healthline’s dedicated COVID-19 number 0800 358 5453 or contact your GP, including phoning ahead of your visit.


Preventing the risk

Everybody should follow the following basic principles to reduce the risk of COVID-19 or passing it on to others:

  • regularly washing hands (for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap and dry thoroughly)
  • covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze
  • staying home
  • avoiding close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms
  • cleaning surfaces regularly (when infection is suspected).

Please visit the official Government COVID-19 website for more information about about preventing the risk.

Key contacts


Healthline has set up a dedicated 0800 number specifically for health-related calls about coronavirus.

The Healthline existing number 0800 611 116 is still the main number to call for non-coronavirus health concerns.

Healthline has translators and interpreters available 24/7 in 150 languages including Mandarin and Cantonese.