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At The Learning Connexion we teach sustainable creativity through art making. Our style of teaching is to draw out, rather than stuff in. By drawing from your life experiences we enable you to develop your individual creativity and see how this relates to the wider world. We focus on learning by doing so our programmes are hands-on and practical.

Our values are:

  • Do what it takes to help you to access your own power, intelligence, creativity and success skills
  • Work with passion, integrity and a sense of fun
  • Develop innovation in business and learning
  • Build trust, self–esteem and a willingness to respect and share knowledge with others
  • To teach sustainable creativity through art
  • Open infinite pathways and possibilities of knowledge
  • Establish patterns which make learning and creativity a way of life
  • Promote harmony between personal, business and social goals and act with care and reverence for the world and its creatures
  • Focus on economic success for the company and its clients
  • Be a worldwide influence as an educational provider in the field of learning and creativity


  • To demonstrate through art an understanding of the principles of creativity
  • To establish skills for sustainable art and creativity
  • To develop courses which offer a thorough grounding in fine arts 

The Learning Connexion Ltd is a member of the New Zealand Independent Tertiary Institutions Inc. ITI is driven by innovation, collaboration and excellence in tertiary education.