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The Learning Connexion's Graduation 2020 

Dear Graduates of 2020

It was with a real sense of sadness that we were forced to postpone our Graduation ceremony in April. New Zealand was at the beginning of our battle to eliminate Covid-19, with Level 4 restrictions in place. Staying at home, saving lives was the mantra, and we did it - for now at least. We know this would have been disappointing for many of you, and we thank you for your understanding and stoicism.

You have graduated at one of the strangest times in recent history. As we look for positives at this time, one thing we know for sure: this is a moment where creative thinking is more relevant than ever. The world is looking for new ways of doing things, and as creatives, we are well placed to help lead the way. The advantage you have with creative thinking skills is that you are able to deal with uncertainty through collaborative action, research, empathy, experimentation, risk-taking and a strong sense to create something new.

To honour our commitment to celebrating your success, we have a surprise for you. We have reached out to some friendly faces who have some words of hope and wisdom for you. Hutt City Mayor Campbell Barry, Learning Connexion Tutor Marci Tackett, Music Hall of Fame recipient and Taita Clubhouse coordinator Bennet Pomana have all recorded messages for our graduates. We also have a message from Director of The Learning Connexion Jonathan Milne.

These messages can be viewed by clicking on the content tiles at the top of this page. We really love Marci's message, which you can also watch below.

From the staff of The Learning Connexion congratulations on your success.We wish you the strength to overcome challenges and look forward to your future creative endeavours - Kia Kaha

Graduation Message Transcripts:

Campbell Barry

Jonathan Milne

Marci Tackett

Bennett Pomana

Here is our 2020 Graduation Booklet, listing all of our graduates this year. Congratulations to you all!